Squeekboard with scaling 150%

Hello together,

I like it very much to set the scaling to 150%.
However, the squeekboard and the unlock are then no longer in the full size. is there a workaround?

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I second that. And how to lock scaling to 150%, so it doesn’t automatically reset?

that’s how I activated it permanently.

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What are you seeing? Please post a screenshot.


Here is one way to make the scaling persist: Tutorial: Create Shortcuts to Scale Display Up/Down

It does also change the lockscreen’s scale, though.

i have the same issue intermittently even at 200% default scale where squeekboard reverts to a smaller scale in landscape or portrait.

There are a couple of open user stories with squeekboard devs that i see that try to better size and scale for different size screens but its a WIP. What your saying is to split the scaling function of the keyboard and UI. It appears already split between keyboard and apps so it shouldnt depend on UI scaling either, only physical screen real estate based on DPIs and x" vs y"- since your finger size doesnt change.

@amarok I tried your method and it works fine, but I have the same problem with squeekboard.

For squeekboard, you could try a different, wider layout (even create it yourself); it will still shrink, but maybe the display will be more usable for you. See the links at: Use only Terminal Keyboard?

For the lockscreen display, I don’t know how to change the size independently of the general resolution setting. If it’s possible, you’ll probably have to ping one of the Purism staff/devs. They may have a different solution for the keyboard, as well.

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Looks like it is this issue what was opened 5 months ago