Standard Corboot vs Pureboot breakdown (for a newbie)


I’m trying to update the coreboot.
I’m at the step where I need to choose standard vs Pureboot beta.

I no nothing of the 2. Which do I choose & why?



Please read about PureBoot here:

If you do not have a Librem Key, choose just coreboot (option 1).


Thanks. 2 more newbie q…

Where is the coreboot-heads rom file after the update to copy to the USB?

I imagine the last step to the update is the flash the room using the .ROM file?


I do not understand, how are you updating? Via script from ?


I’m updating via the script.
The last step says:

"Injecting serial number into firmware image

You may now copy the coreboot update file to USB for updating via Heads."

Trouble is i don’t know where the .rom is to copy to the USB?


Found it. its in user/updates/firmware


Wait, so you are already running PureBoot firmware, not a plain coreboot?


Yes, running Pureboot on the most recent 13" Librem.


This was a critical piece of information that we needed. :slight_smile:

Yes, now copy the resulting .ROM file to a USB drive, and reboot your computer. Then follow to update.