Static Mac Address?

Do these laptops have a static mac address hardcoded into them?

Do you have any network interface devices that don’t have hardware MAC addresses assigned? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. There may be very rare exceptions, but all network interface devices generally must have a hardware (“hardcoded”) MAC address to function, including Librem laptops.

If you want to spoof the MAC address, I suggest taking a look at macchanger. Looks like it isn’t in the PureOS repos, so you would have to add the Debian main repo to install it.

I was actually trying to hunt down the source of the random mac addresses and stop them. I want a static mac address and I have narrowed it down to macchanger and am having trouble disabling it.


I’m not sure but you may be having the same problem I was having. If so, the solution for me is in this thread:

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Yes that is exactly my problem. Network Manager going the extra mile. I knew it was really strange that it kept changing.