Still no hope for EU reseller?

I would like linux, and all the related computer world, to be known but, as I read in the company’s reply email, Apple and Google spend a lot of money on advertising. And this is true. People (I mean those who are not infomatics or who do not have this passion) do not know what linux and open source are and they do not know the idea and the exploitation that, instead, large commercial companies make of it. Buy the most advertised mobile phone or one similar to that of your friends and which is of the best known brands.
Personally I believe that a continuous media campaign should be organized in order to raise awareness of linux, and its uses and advantages, in the only way we users could collaborate: by sharing information media. I believe that more or less we all have telegram or twitter or facebook etc. If (for example) the FSF launched a worldwide information campaign, trying to involve as many users as possible, it would be enough to re-share a video published by FSF on our twitter, facebook, telegram accounts. A small average, changed weekly, for a whole year published on our accounts.


It’s a huge market. 0.01 percent of it is not attractive enough?

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Ahum…Are we continuing talks about Linux phone markets and pricing? I’d like that, but as per @maximilian comment I don’t want to further derail the thread if it bothers others.

I added this question to the Community FAQ:
Will the Librem 5 be offered through an EU seller?

(That way everyone will know the history of this question.)