Straight out of the box problems with fresh PureOS install

Then if you get yourself an HDMI-to-DVI cable, that is definitely worth trying. (Check carefully the genders that you need at each end of the cable.)


  • HDMI-to-DVI need only be a passive cable (i.e. connector conversion) - there is no signal conversion
  • You will not get any sound via the monitor because DVI simply does not have the capability to transport sound (whereas HDMI does). So if sound output is important to you then you will have to keep your computer configured to output sound via something other than HDMI. However flying deaf will be better than flying deaf and blind. (In any case a monitor of that vintage may not even have sound capability i.e. no built-in speakers and no 3.5mm audio output jack for external speakers or headphones.)

I would have used xrandr or some such but whatever shows you the answer.


I just got a DVI–HDMI cable and have confirmed that was indeed the issue preventing display of the boot menu. Now I can finally move on to tweaking the OS to my preferences. Much appreciated.


Great, let us know if you require further troubleshooting.