[Successful] installation of PureOS on PinePhone

Does anyone know how the CPU in the Pinephone compares to the Librem 5? I mean I assumed the L5’s cpu is more powerful, but the L5 has more RAM as well right?

The Pinephone has a nice design, and it is good to see PureOS firing up on it as well.

I don’t know whether this is up to date but: Comparing specs of upcoming Linux phones

Right, that says that they are different chips, but I’m interested in relative performance.

My moto g7 power feels just as fast as the pixel 2 I had, but they are different chipsets, etc.

I haven’t seen any benchmarks of the two phones, but look at the specs:
Librem 5: i.MX 8M Quad (4x Cortex-A53, 1.5 GHz, 28nm), LPDDR4-3200
PinePhone: Allwinner A64 (4x Cortex-A53, 1.2 GHz, 40nm), LPDDR3

The CPU clock is 25% faster in the i.MX 8M and with the faster RAM, I would expect 1/3 better CPU performance on the Librem 5 than on the PinePhone, once Purism solves the heat dissipation problem in Dogwood. However, the GPU performance is significantly better in the Librem 5. Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (seb_dos1) posted on reddit a couple weeks ago the glxgears score on the Librem 5, and it was roughly 2.5 times better than on the PinePhone.


Hi luisfsr,

Do you have somewhere the prebuild img for the PinePhone i can flash on my emmc ? Thanks!

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I would be interested in knowing if one exists as well. Thanks!

There was one exists, look here https://wiki.pine64.org/index.php/PinePhone_Software_Releases#PureOS
But for some resion the you can not download it anymore…

Thanks. Maybe I’ll try and build it myself.

Ok if you can please share it then with me, my computer is to slow for that. thanks!

I certainly will if I manage to do it!

That’s nice thanks!

I have manage to get the rootfs of the lasted build what i was talk before, but now it need to build to and image if you like to have them let me know.

Thanks! I am going to try build it later today; I am curious how the build process is.

I’m uploading it on Gitlab now as soon i have it ready i send you the link, i try to make a build via the GitLab CI :wink:

Here it is : https://gitlab.com/ruditimmer/pureos-pinephone

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Thank you. I just crashed my pinephone with mobian trying to put wireguard on it and have to start from scratch. Now I can move on to pureos!

Ok i see yes i never have see it i have try till now all Oses for Pinephone but never try PureOS till now… :wink:

You have made progress ? I tr to build it via GitLab CI but not manage it yet… If you know how or can help your welcome :wink:

Thank you! Still getting stuff set up on my linux machine.

Ok i see :wink: Then we wait :wink: