Successfully reflashed, but at first no LED at entering Serial Download mode

Yes. And I don’t know how to fix it.

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If I cancel power-down and wait, is the app likely to “let go,” or is it possible to kill it in Usage or Terminal? (Maybe that would only result in the same hang…)

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check out this thread


OK. My comments were, I thought, directed at a problem relating to startup.

Any kind of network access can be troublesome if there is a hang during shutdown - because by then the network may have successfully shut down even if something else did not.

I occasionally see some kind of wedged-during-shutdown on desktop/laptop. Sometimes, you can switch from GUI to console and see an error message. Sometimes not. I’m not sure that that approach is going to work on the Librem 5 anyway.

My assumption is that the typical scenario is that: a process in userland can’t terminate because something is wedged in the kernel e.g. holding, or not holding, some resource. So the kernel opts to maintain integrity at the cost of forcing you to hard-power-off the computer and then wear the consequences of a dirty umount of any file systems (usually just a fsck).

Unless you can reliably reproduce a wedged-during-shutdown after reflashing to crimson, you are probably just waiting for this to be fixed.


Understood. I guess I’m seeing the hang at both startup and shutdown now, although possibly not for the same malfunction.


Since I reflashed a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t fooled around with location much, but I did notice that neither GNOME Maps or Pure Maps was picking up my location. That’s not surprising since the phone has been indoors that whole time.

Today, though, I opened up Pure Maps, allowed it to access location, and placed the L5 near an upstairs window with a good view of the open sky (eastward). I left it there for 15 to 20 minutes or so, and when I returned to check, the app was indicating pretty much the precise location, even down to the correct wall of my house.

That’s an improvement over my original byzantium install, which was able to get a “fix”, but always placed me about 35 meters away from my (indoor) location.

I’ll test it outdoors (at a walking pace) sometime soon.