[Suggestion] Package Browser Filter for L5


I would love to be able to see the PureOS Store app support on the L5 prior to mine showing up, it would be nice if there was a page or maybe a setting/toggle on the https://software.pureos.net website that let me filter by apps compatible with/built for the L5.


Based on past comments from @Kyle_Rankin this shouldn’t be necessary as everything in the store should work on the phone as it is all FLOSS already and in turn they can release the same software for both arm and x86_64.

Now I agree that it would be nice to filter out software not yet optimized for the phone screen size but if the focus is more on making those optimizations as opposed to a filter that would be very manual as there is no “optimized for mobile” flag I’m aware of, things may be best as they are?

The store on the phone is “filtered” somehow, as by default it only shows optimized apps. I admit I don’t know how they indicate that to the store, though.

With appstream metadata information to identify the application as “mobile friendly”

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Could that potentially be used? I just think it would be nice to have something to point to when wondering about app compatibility.

That is being applied now

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