System76 or Purism?

I didn’t mention it because it is hard to make any prediction about this for the Librem 14, since no one has opened it up and looked at the construction. I think that we can be reasonably confident that Purism has solved the previous hardware problems (hinge breaks because anchored to plastic, audio jack breaking and no replacement IO card, strange key mapping on the keyboard, etc.) in the Librem 14, which uses new component suppliers and a new assembler. Purism says that it chose a new assembler because of quality control issues with the previous assembler.

The one issue where I think that System76 has a real advantage is its ability to buy replacement parts from Clevo. From what I understand, Clevo replacement parts aren’t cheap, but the company does provide them. Purism’s ability to provide replacement parts will probably improve with greater volume.

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Edit: never heard of this :slight_smile: Kidding babz

Not sure. Purism seems to act like apple when it comes to this. Says unibody and is stuck with glue. Says they will turn on fan when needed but 1000rpm at 1000°C for CPU. Fixes cooling but really has a heatsink on the CPU but the heatsink doesn’t even leas to a fan. When it comes to build quality and especially the hinge which I see come up a lot in this forum, the lines seems to blur.

It is. So that leaves @user1 with the choice of
a) wait until real customers have the Librem 14 and someone opens it up and posts photos, but pay more for it because @user1 will miss out on the promotional price
b) buy now, assuming that the hinge design has been improved, and get the promotional price.

Seeing how scummy purism was with someone else’s refund of an L5, I don’t really trust purism’s refunding so will have to buy now or just go sys76.

One thing I’d love see is:

  • Making GTK/GNOME a mobile laptop and desktop operating system, plus adapting many GNOME apps to work on mobile laptop and desktop devices.

You may call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
(Check out some of Linus Torvalds’ comments, over the ~12 years since the short-lived “mobile first” design concept was replaced by “mobile only” dogma).
But that’s a rant for a different thread.:slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks for the detailed comparison between Purism and System76!

Do you have links for these problems? I haven’t heard of them.

Sorry no. If you couldn’t tell just in case, this is with apple computers. Found from Louis Rossman.

Are you talking about this video by Louis Rossman about how Apple engineers defective products and refuses to fix them?

From what I have read, Clevo laptops aren’t as durable as enterprise models (Thinkpad, Latitude and Elitebook), but they are step above the average consumer laptops and they are designed to be opened and fixed.

Watched that video before but I have watched others too so partially more recent ones too.

Kinda bad but if I am given opportunity to repair my own devices, I won’t complain much.

I placed two orders recently. One for the upcoming Librem 14. Second for the SLIMBOOK Pro X AMD 15. They have a smaller version with same spectacular Ryzen 7 4800H with 8 cores and 16 threads. You can upgrade up to 64GB dual channel 3200MHz ram and 2TB nvme SSD.

I believe SLIMBOOK will be quite fast compared to Librem 14, however privacy wise Librem is number one.

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