Telegram on the Librem 5


Hi everyone,

A short reminder on what Purism envisions to support at launch regarding IM: two applications. One for SMS and small groups within Matrix, and one for large group in Matrix. This should be based on Fractal.

Purism’s Andrea is also working on a PoC based on XMPP in case E2EE doesn’t make it to the Fractal split by the phone launch.

Anyway, I think it’s worth reminding the phone will not support notifications at launch, although it will shortly after.


It won’t support notifications at all? Or the lockscreen won’t support notifications?


In my understanding it won’t support notifications at all, but I could be wrong so don’t take my word for that.

I’ll keep you updated with the correct information :slight_smile:


It is ridiculous and absurd to compare Purism releasing laptops with proprietary bios made by others, to marketers of shit closed-source encryption software like Telegram promising to open source their code. Software like Telegram is not a gateway, it’s a trap.


You are welcome to your opinions and I am welcome to mine. :slight_smile:


Please moderate your language. You’re talking to other human beings just like yourself.


Just to let you know, there already is a w9rking Telegram client for Linux mobile phones. It’s a default IM client in Ubuntu Touch and used by tousands of Linux users and developers for communication.


So, if you want to install Telegram on the Librem 5, we know that using Ubuntu Touch (which will be officially supported) will work!


This isn’t so much a reply as a question, but I know Wire doesn’t support SMS and I’m not sure if Telegram does. But I know Signal does. I use Signal so I can be safe, regardless of who’s on the other end. 85% of my friends and family are on iOS. I need something that handles traditional SMS/MMS while being able to do video chat on mobile (Librem 5) and desktop Linux (Ubuntu 18.04, Pop_OS!, and possibly Manjaro).


Ok, but why was he hostile? It is not like communities are above reproach.


To the point of the thread, I would prefer Signal for a variety of reasons.


I’ve just made a Purism group on Telegram for anyone who is interested:


I would imagine Telegram will work not so sure about the other questions.


Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but, on fdroid there is a FOSS version of telegram for android. I have used it for some time.



As we can see here, it seems there are already 3 protocols: matrix, xmpp and telegram. Or am I jumping into conclusions?


Telegram will be imperative for so many using Librem phones. WhatsApp too.


So yes I know Telegram and Whatsapp are not that perfect on this device because they are both not open source but for me it would still be a deal breaker to be unable to use them because to convince everybody to use XMPP or MATRIX is nearly impossible so I installed the experimental QEMU image as mentioned here:

And installed the Telegram plugin for Chatty as described in the docs from Chatty on GitLab:

And Telegram works quite well and logging in was really easy

The User ID is your phone number and Password has to be left emty.

For Whatsapp I used an Android phone with active Whatsapp web and with the Librem 5 Browser it is possible to create an Web Application which can then be started as a separate application.

For me this is absolutely perfect and exactly what I wanted!
Purism does a REALLY good job here!

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A rather dumb question, but how am I supposed to enter the login code returned by Telegram in Chatty?


Yes I was also really confused at first but you have to answer this code to the “Telegram” contact in Chatty.