Telegram on the Librem 5

Yes I was also really confused at first but you have to answer this code to the “Telegram” contact in Chatty.


Did anyone notice that the Telegram desktop client is now fully scalable?
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It also works in the latest QEMU image of the Librem 5 with a little bit of tweaking.

I used

QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb /usr/bin/telegram-desktop

to start Telegram installed with apt. Then adjusted the scaling of the screen to 1.0 and afterwards scaled to 2.0 to use the default scaling as described here:

It is not very good and does not adjust its size on its own to fit perfectly but the UI improved a lot since last time I tried.


Hello everyone, I am an avid Telegram user as I use it for years for teaching and this post with all testings helped me. Thanks.

I think the easiest and best working method at the moment is using Telegram Web and install it as an web application:


That’ll do, for starters.

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Native Telegram works flawlessly on Pinephone, so it should also work on Librem 5.


Thanks for sharing this. I also use Telegram.

Here’s the Telegram desktop flatpak (available after you add the Flathub repo). This is default scaling with no additional tweaking to the screen.

The theme is Obsidian 2, which I got from gnome-look via github, i.e. not the default L5 theme.

I have no idea about the actual functioning of Telegram on the L5, but I would imagine it works fine. And you can scale the view down slightly if you want, of course.


Telegram is in the list of mobile optimized apps:


True, thanks. I should have said that I don’t have an account, so can’t test messaging or notifications.

P.S. There’s this, in the phone settings:


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Security/safety issue to be aware of:


Security/safety issue to be aware of

A user does not show up in “People nearby” unless they enable the function. Doing so triggers a warning from Telegram informing you your location is about to be published and it may lead to undesired attention so it really can’t happen by accident.

See discussion on Hacker News for more:

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Problem with that is end2end encryptes message won’t work I assume?

Yes, this is correct. I hope Telegram will implement it soon for desktop.

That would surprise me… Could have done that in beforehand but they established this stange normal chat / secret chat thing. Now there are like thousands different clients and bridges out there so I would guess its not that easily changeable. Keeping in mind groups are never end to end encrypted in Telegram… But nothing’s impossible. :man_shrugging:

I mean at least add those “secret chats” to desktop version. They are not there at all.


Yeah, I understood that. :slight_smile: Just meant that they surely have implemented their message sending system in a way so that behaviour is hard to change. Adding the end to end encrypted messages feature to some other client and maybe do syncing could be an immense task.

It would be nice, but since secret chats lock to the first client used I find theyre also restrictive - if I had a Librem 5 but didnt use it my daily driver then I wouldnt want chats locked in such a manner (though I do see the mindset behind doing so).

Regardless options are always nice, hopefully desktop gets those choices as well!

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