Telegram on the Librem 5


So, if you want to install Telegram on the Librem 5, we know that using Ubuntu Touch (which will be officially supported) will work!


This isn’t so much a reply as a question, but I know Wire doesn’t support SMS and I’m not sure if Telegram does. But I know Signal does. I use Signal so I can be safe, regardless of who’s on the other end. 85% of my friends and family are on iOS. I need something that handles traditional SMS/MMS while being able to do video chat on mobile (Librem 5) and desktop Linux (Ubuntu 18.04, Pop_OS!, and possibly Manjaro).


Ok, but why was he hostile? It is not like communities are above reproach.


To the point of the thread, I would prefer Signal for a variety of reasons.


I’ve just made a Purism group on Telegram for anyone who is interested:


I would imagine Telegram will work not so sure about the other questions.


Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but, on fdroid there is a FOSS version of telegram for android. I have used it for some time.



As we can see here, it seems there are already 3 protocols: matrix, xmpp and telegram. Or am I jumping into conclusions?


Telegram will be imperative for so many using Librem phones. WhatsApp too.