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From the article: “The next iteration, we’ll be using probably I.MX9 … that’s still probably two years away.”


Take a look @ Iam not saying that his is the solution but is the steps in the right direction. Also look at this. pay per use API’s

I have been researching and mulling over purchasing a Librem 5 USA for quite some time mainly b/c of the kill switches, made in USA and not being beholden to Apple / Android for “privacy,” however, I am a regular 'ole consumer. I use my cell phone for minimal calls, 2 factor authentication for work (Duo Mobile app), texting and periodically use maps / Yelp or other apps when traveling. I have also been considering purchasing for dual purpose as a new computer. So ultimately, my question is - Can a regular cell phone user that knows nothing about Linux (but likes the concept) be satisfied and functional w/ a Librem USA? TIA for any guidance.

In my opinion you would need to aquire at least basic Linux skills in order to live happily with a Librem 5.

If you are interested in privacy, learning how to use Linux makes sense anyways and would be well invested time as Windows and Apple process data about so much of your activity that you can hardly call them “privacy oriented” and in my opinion things are getting only worse in the last decade. Windows was not processing that much data in the past. Now you have all these “productivity” functions that know everything you do. Or security functions that also know everything you do in order to check if it is “safe”.

I don’t know your age and background and if you feel that learning Linux would be too complicated. There are courses with introduction to Linux online. For example on Udemy or something like that.
The good thing is that any course that uses Ubuntu or Debian for the introduction would be relevant for Librem 5 as Librem 5 is really like a computer in a smartphone form factor. You could use it with a docking station with keyboard, mouse and large external monitor.

You could also install PureOS for free on a Virtual Machine and play with it. Try several applications for second factor authentication and see which one you would like. Try several map applications and see which one you would like.
You can de facto try the Linux experience for free anytime.

Having said that, your use case:

  • phone calls
  • SMS
  • Second factor authentication
  • Maps
  • Internet browsing for travel information

Sound all like functions that are already available.
There are topics on the forum discussing the choice of apps for these functions.
I am not sure if anybody has already used the Librem 5 camera to scan a QR Code for the 2FA. But this will be a solvable issue. And if it is not currently available, there will still be work arounds for inputting the necessary 2FA information until someone writes the functionality.

One problem with Librem 5 is that the power usage is not as optimized as on iOS and Android yet.
This means that Librem 5 still consumes a lot of electricity and you would need to charge it more often than you are used to on your old devices.

Hope this helps you.
In general I would recommend learning Linux basics using online courses and buying a Librem 5 USA.
But of course I don’t know you and the experience might be overwhelming for some people.


Hristo -

First, WOW~ Thank you for such a thoughtful and objective response - much appreciated.

I am a 50 yo female who has NO PROBLEM doing whatever it takes to step out of the “matrix” as to navigate my life in alignment w/ my values which are honesty, integrity, freedom, autonomy and sovereignty. I have been whittling away at my “matrix” participation and a cell phone is the last major piece of connection. Just been waiting for a product that I felt could do the job. If that means learning basic Linux - then game on. I’ll do it. I appreciate the guidance in that regard.

Sincerely appreciate your response. BB