To buy or not to buy

I am considering getting a Librem device, either the 11 or the 15. I a hoping someone can answer these questions:

  1. Is the Librem completely secure from a privacy perspective or is it compromised by Intel’s back door?

  2. Is it possible to purchase the Librem 11? Indigo says the campaign is closed and Crowd Supply isn’t selling them.

  3. If I order the 11 or the 15, will it be delivered by the end of September?

  4. What are the main differences between PureOS and QubeOS? Is one more private than the other? Does the choice of operating system affect the programs that come with the devices?

My thanks to anyone who offers help.


I’m with Ben T. wondering where can we get the Librem 11.


Hi guys!

In short:

  1. Yes, if you use PureOS+Tor; no, not compromised, please have a look at:

  2. Not yet, but it will be soon (from webshop on our website)

  3. October is most likely date for Librem 15: (at the moment I can’t speak for the Librem 11, will update soon)

  4. PureOS is pretty much a standard linux distribution (Debian) which provides only free and opensource software (which should be enough if you use Tor and follow basic security practices like or, for QubeOS please have a look at: (QubeOS )