Topbar not showing icons


how can I enable icons in the top bar? I installed Rambox via AppImage and kde-connect via apt. But the menu icons are not showing up.
Same goes for KeePassXC

What do I need to do?



Well the kde-connect was wron :slight_smile: in gnome one should use gsconnect.
But still the Rambox and Nextcloud icons are missing.
Furthermore I wonder, why there is no nextcloud client application in the repos.

My layout is different, but none of the experts have chimed in yet… Sorry if these ideas are very basic.

I rely on the “Dash to Panel” and “Applications menu” extensions on Gnome. In “Dash to Panel”, I have “Show Favorite Applications” checked in “Behavior”.

I am not sure what populates the top bar on your system, but the applications I have shown in my bottom one, including KeePassXC, are in “Favorites”. Are the icons there? The only other thing I would suggest is to check /usr/share/applications for the .desktop files.

I had also seen weird behavior with the Applications menu, and it apparently is still occurring, though it may not be related to your problem. When I received my system, I was not getting the icons I wanted either, and, after lots of debugging, I found a problem with the Gnome menu itself. You may want to skim that thread and look at this post. It might not hurt to try that.

Reinstalling gnome-menu didn’t help :frowning_face:
And I tried dash to panel. Icons were still not showing up. BTW I do not like the bottom bar.

Personally I wish the top bar could auto-hide. I don’t like that it is always on the screen. It would be nice to get some icons up, so I’m following this in the event you find something.

Sorry none of those ideas worked. You need someone with more knowledge than me as to how the top bar is populated.

I was not trying to talk you into “Dash to Panel.” The icons on the Dash reminded me of OSes circa 1990. (Yes, I am an old man.) I could never learn how to resize those without editing files and that extension let me get rid the Dash altogether. I do think it allows you to put the panel on top though.

@2disbetter, “Dash to Panel” appears to have an autohide option, but, again, this may not be what you two want.

I hand’t considered it. Just looked at it, and it looks like it is mainly combining the panel with the status bar. I’m not sure that’s what I want. I like that the status bar is clean and tidy, but would just prefer it being hidden unless I move the cursor up to it.

I’m sure it is do able, I just haven’t really looked that hard. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hm, as far as I know. Gnome had this little bar in the bottom left corner where you could see e.g. KeePass, Nextcloud etc.

This is not available for me in PureOS. In Ubuntu Gnome those Icons where in the topbar in the right corner.

Any other hints anyone?

EDIT: Topicon plus from gnome shell extension also didn’t work. It showed only the Rambox icon but was non-responsive.

This is one of the reasons why I prefer KDE Plasma. They support at least 3 different protocols of system notifiers, while Gnome wants to export their philosophy that such icons should not be used.

Yes, “tray icons” for some applications used to slide in from the bottom left of the screen.

If I understood this right, those apps used a feature of older Gnome that was deprecated in Gnome 3, and the sliding thing was there to bridge the gap.

This was later deemed not in line with the design of Gnome 3 and was removed (about a year ago?). As a side effect, that broke apps whose only way of control was through that “tray icon”, like Nitroshare.