Touchpad buttons on Librem laptops?

Many (most?) laptops these days have done away with buttons associated with the touchpad, instead relying on gestures on the touchpad to simulate a mouse button click.

Which approach do you prefer?

  • I want touchpad buttons
  • I don’t want touchpad buttons
  • I don’t care

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Discussion started here: Touchpad buttons for enhanced security and ease of use

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can it be neither ? :slight_smile: i like the way the UHK has implemented it with the keyboard MOUSE layer + the add-ons that are soon to be released.

i’m pretty sure that almost the same functionality can be implemented on a laptop-keyboard considering that system76 is in the process of releasing a keyboard >

Thanks @kieran for setting this up. I do wonder how many respondents really get the connection between mouse buttons and the probability of erroneous clicks leading to disastrous outcomes. Hopefully people will read the thread you linked before voting.

@reC I love the idea of designing keyboards that make sense. Real estate is at a premium, obviously, so it’s not an easy task. One of my personal pet peeves is the arrow keys between the keypad and the letters, which I always seem to mistarget because there’s no dimple telling me which one is up or left! And hitting “Fn” every time I want to PgUp or PgDn gets old fast. Then there’s those keyboard which have Home, PgUp, PgDn, and End in a row, so it’s easy to confuse PgUp and PgDn because they’re not vertically separated. Anyway this probably this deserves its own thread.