Tracking Purism's eng efforts more easily

When I try using these repos in /etc/apt/sources.list, synaptic complains that the Release file is not signed with a private key that it has the matching public key for. Can we get that key and put it somewhere to verify our packages?

Nevermind. I ran the curl command from an earlier post and have it working now.

any updates on problems with repo’s uptime?

Yep, Dreamhost is down too often for us. They said their Dreamcompute should stabilize in March but we are already considering moving to AWS/Rackspace/DigitalOcean/Bytemark. Sorry for the inconvenience! We are working actively to stabilize our infra ASAP.

fyi: i started a doc for the things that were relevant to me in “tracking eng efforts”:

Hopefully it is useful to someone else. I included a couple other things/gotchas from other forum posts. If you want to add a section, or correct anything, feel free!