Two Librem 14 laptops

I certainly AM honored to hear from the President. If Quebes was installed, then I was not told about any of this. Generally, a new laptop comes with some sort of instruction manual to start up. I was kind of counting on this. I AM admittedly green to this whole privacy concept when it comes to computing and a bit spoiled to user friendly systems, however I can and generally do learn quickly when thwarting is absent. The main reason I bought the computers in the first place. Is there a way to get a manual for the Librem 14 that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to print out? I learn much quicker from the written page and less much so with the computer screens, call me old school; Or some sort of seasoned tutor to walk me through the process without having to weed through dozens of emails and back again for the possible solution/ Thank you very much for your concern and answering my call for help. How do you suggest I proceed to get my laptops useable?

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[Note I have redacted your phone number from your earlier post, you do not want to publish personal information like that on a public forum.]

If you didn’t ask for Qubes to be installed, then you likely have PureOS. It’s tough to tell which you have without a picture or something else to go by to tell them apart. I would certainly recommend PureOS for you to use first so if for some reason you are using Qubes I’d recommend installing PureOS on top of it. In either case, the support team ( should be able to help you through any support issues, and as far as instructions go, we have some documentation at for getting started with the Librem 14, and the PureBoot Getting Started Guide is at