Unboxing the Purism Librem 5 Evergreen

We have a Librem 5 User Guide application preinstalled, or at least it’s on my own phone and I believe it’s part of the default install.

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All that said, the initial suite of pre-installed applications was set probably a year ago, based on what worked well at that time. A lot has changed since then so it might be time to revisit our default applications. The challenge will be to balance that with having a relatively small footprint for the install image.


Solution: have a selection window on first boot - what to install on next update (that should be done/recommended at first boot, asap-ish, anyway). Add to that what @dos hinted at, getting rid of the mandatory apps (metapackage).

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I like the fact that the store keeps the verified adaptive apps separate from the entire software repo. This is probably more useful than installing a bunch of apps by default (except for the ones necessary to the functioning of the phone and its hardware).

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Well, sounds cool, but I never noticed it on any screenshot or list. (e.g. here or here).
Maybe I just don’t see it.
But it’s good if it’s intended to be there and you’ll revisit at some point :slight_smile:

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This is incredibly important, because the default Gnome Software application is essentially full of applications that won’t fit. Therefore a new user who tries to install applications will quickly get frustrated (I know I did) as all their attempts result in non-adaptive apps that give them a bad experience.

The applications we show in PureOS Store are ones that we feel would give the user a good experience on the screen while still allowing more advanced people to access the larger suite of software either through the search function or of course through apt on the command line. I’d rather show a handful of apps that work well, than hundreds of apps that don’t.


I agree. In my experimentation I have come across several apps that seem to function and scale just fine, so hopefully these can be incorporated over time into the curated list in the store.

I should probably also point out that a number of things will be different when we make the transition from amber PureOS to byzantium PureOS. Newer libraries and packages means we’ll have a larger suite of software that should work. Often software that you might see work on mobian or other distributions, that isn’t in the PureOS Store, can be explained by the older libraries that happen to be in amber. Right now there’s a fair amount of backporting that goes on to get software into amber-phone.


Random thought: If the store window is bigger (convergence mode / external screen), could it show all? :thinking:
Don’t know if that’s a good approach.

However, while the curated list is certainly sensible, the disadvantage is that it gives the impression that “this is all that’s available”, which again is something where you need to “be in the know” to make full use of it.
I don’t know what’s the best solution to that.
But I think the best documentation is the one that is not needed, because everything is obvious. :upside_down_face:

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The User Guide application can be seen here, starting at 1:10 minutes in:

Searching the rest of the repo is also demonstrated in the video. Correction: That part is not demonstrated.

Um… so, by “user guide” you mean “setup assistant”?
I thought Kyle was either referring to the Documentation, the quick start guide which is linked there at the bottom, or some adaptation of Gnome Help?

That’s what I understood him to refer to; I could be mistaken, though.

The package is named librem5-user-docs and it should create a desktop entry at /usr/share/applications/librem5-user-guide.desktop.


Interesting… I don’t have that.

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Hmm. That’s too bad. Well I guess I have something to investigate :slight_smile:


Good point.

A good feature could be a filter which you can switch depending on what you search.

Having no filter, maybe pictograms could help. Showing to each app if it’s made for desktop, tablet and/or mobile screen size. Like it’s done in Steam where you can see Windows, Mac or Linux icons.

I think that the PureOS Store does show a different view when in convergence mode. At least it’s something that’s been discussed.


A search for “librem” in the app store found no hits, but “sudo apt install librem5-user-docs” places “Librem 5 User Guide” in the App Drawer. It installs locally the content available at https://docs.puri.sm/Librem_5.html .


that is because the package does not yet have the proper appstream metadata to show up in the pureOS store


@linmob recently made another video: “Librem 5 with PureOS Byzantium: Work in Progress + …”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEsu9GFGzns