Understanding the Shipping Releases


There’s only one thing for it. If you get an Aspen, you will need to put it aside (Aspen -> Aspic), and order another later batch phone that will be your day-to-day, drop it, bend it, break it phone. :smile:


Actually, I’ve already been putting some thought into making an otterbox sort of case for it and I do want it to kinda seal it like aspic…oh and you can bet there will be a glue gun involved at some point :wink:


Finally, I thought I wouldn’t see somebody who knew how collectors items worked.

And maybe some of us do and keep our mouths shut to avoid creating a stampede before we can do anything about it. :slight_smile:


having one shipped as soon as possible then the rest next year (v2) would be the best thing for me i think. would that be possible ?


Best to ask Purism directly. Good question though.


So really the true launch date for a true working and mass produced product in Q2 2020?


“True working” ? No. “Mass produced” ? Sure, depending on your definition of it.


It sounds like the first batch is going to work fine, just not using a mass-produced case. Sure, the software will be more mature in 6 months, but that is always the case.

I imagine 2 years from now, when more developers (myself included) get a lot of apps produced for the phone, you will have quite a selection as well :slight_smile:



clears throat


Why’d you have to ruin the illusion, I was still pretending to myself I might qualify for Birch since I didn’t find out about this until this year. My hopes and dreams are now ruined :sob:


Every Librem 5 that rolls off the assembly line will be a high-quality smartphone. Every component, tested and lovingly assembled.


It was nice to get some additional clarifications but I would have liked to have seen included/further clarified:

  • Details/confirmation on case material. Are batches Aspen to Dogwood getting a “milled” metal or plastic case? Is the “molded” case for Evergreen planned to be metal, or will they switch to plastic?
  • The initial post mentioned “unfinished switch caps (handcrafted)”. That they would be handcrafted seemed imply that they wouldn’t be left as bare, but topped or tooled by hand (filed down, rounded edges?) in some way. The FAQ now seems to imply that they will actually simply be left bare, which is somewhat contradictory.


How about a table, purchase date against shipping date?



We want to have a metal case


Thanks for the link. I am aware that they’ve previously stated a “want” or desire to have a metal case. However, I believe the recent statements in the shipping announcements have been ambiguous around if they will actually deliver on this, especially for batch Evergreen which is “molded”. As others have pointed out, plastic can be milled as well. So just saying it’s a milled case doesn’t necessarily equal metal. While metal can be molded (more accurately, cast - why not just use this word then?) as well, injection molding plastic is much more common.

As much as they may ‘want’ to deliver something, that doesn’t mean that they will (ex. phone shipping Q1/Q2 2019) …


they said in the above article that Caliga posted that the order can change based on people who decide to postpone their shippments or decide that they aren’t going to want all L5s that they ordered shipped at the same time (due to various reasons - like myself)


Of course it is implied that such a table would present the expected batch, not precise batch.


Replaceable battery will run how many doll hairs and will they be available for purchase in the event we would want a spare?


I wonder Aspen will be compatible with the switch caps from later batches. I’m guessing not without modifying the case, since there will probably need to be larger holes in the case for switch caps.

Metal can also be injection moulded.


This now seems to have been definitively confirmed that all batches will have a metal case. From @ecs in Librem 5 Shipping Batches