Understanding the Shipping Releases

Thanks for the link. I am aware that they’ve previously stated a “want” or desire to have a metal case. However, I believe the recent statements in the shipping announcements have been ambiguous around if they will actually deliver on this, especially for batch Evergreen which is “molded”. As others have pointed out, plastic can be milled as well. So just saying it’s a milled case doesn’t necessarily equal metal. While metal can be molded (more accurately, cast - why not just use this word then?) as well, injection molding plastic is much more common.

As much as they may ‘want’ to deliver something, that doesn’t mean that they will (ex. phone shipping Q1/Q2 2019) …


they said in the above article that Caliga posted that the order can change based on people who decide to postpone their shippments or decide that they aren’t going to want all L5s that they ordered shipped at the same time (due to various reasons - like myself)

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Of course it is implied that such a table would present the expected batch, not precise batch.


Replaceable battery will run how many doll hairs and will they be available for purchase in the event we would want a spare?

I wonder Aspen will be compatible with the switch caps from later batches. I’m guessing not without modifying the case, since there will probably need to be larger holes in the case for switch caps.

Metal can also be injection moulded.

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This now seems to have been definitively confirmed that all batches will have a metal case. From @ecs in Librem 5 Shipping Batches