Update issue (Amber); linux-image-librem5 kept back

In case further confirmation is required:

  • latest updates installed (via GUI) - apt upgrade was “clean” afterwards e.g. nothing kept back
  • and no BSOD (black screen of death) :slight_smile:

Also updated correctly here.

Just to add that even with the previous update the WiFi has been very stable in coming up after flipping the switch. 2 updates back it was not always coming up and some times required more than 3 flips of the switch.

So it seems that this is now very stable. Every time I turn the switch on, the WiFi comes on. Good work. Thank you.


No improvement for me.

sudo apt update: done.
sudo apt update: done.
it offers me autoremove which i do.
the phone starts.
this time it stays stuck on the logo
I try to Reflashing the Phone.
But the image download blocks at 12 or 13 or 14%.

I am on ADSL 512

Do you have any trouble with your internet connection? If yes, you should definitely try to use another internet connection.

I suppose so

I managed to download the image with wget and then decompress it with File Roller but the script could not recognize it.