Update schedule

Is there any sort of schedule for software updates and bug fixes for Librem 5 on line? Sueeboard needs wor to render certain chars properly and it would be nice if I didn’t have to turn the screen off and on to reset it, or reset autorotate.

I do not know: I manually fetch updates whenever desired.

I cannot understand the rest of your post, so I suggest rephrasing it more concisely.

I think the trick is to locate the “issue” that relates to a problem that is important to you - and if there is no such issue then to create one.

Squeekboard needs work?

Are you saying that “q” and “k” are not working correctly?

@Gunnar, you can find a big picture roadmap in this blog post : Librem 5 Product Report and Roadmap for 2023 – Purism

Every software we contribute to is free software, so I suggest that for a specific problem, you file a bug in the project’s own repo. You can find Squeekboard repo here : World / Phosh / squeekboard · GitLab