Upgrade to Librem USA

I never saw that :thinking:, do you have an exemple/source ?

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I can pull some later, but primarily their comparisons on how they don’t track. Like their video showing the iphone idle data usage the android idle data usage and librem 5 data usage. I mean that’s a video they created and hosted and shared and advertised. There are other examples I’m sure but it’s the first that comes to mind that 100% is purism comparing their product to apples product.

Edit: video referenced above https://youtu.be/yHcHi0TBFv4

And a post comparing themselves to apple: https://puri.sm/posts/apple-users-got-owned/

Not just some forum post that happens to be by an employee that may not represent the company either but a full blog post.

It’s true they compare themselves to Apple and Google/Android, but from a data collection angle, not manufacturing and production.

All companies praise themselves, so I don’t hold that against them. True, they could present the negatives more prominently, but again: company-speak.

By the way, have they actually said they don’t have the Gemaltos? I must have missed that.


Speculation, often, is the actual problem.

Omit, did not provide. They didn’t say anything, as I said they didn’t say anything. They could have said something, even if it was just an acknowledgement that nothing has changed since the last time they said they were working on it.

I’m not saying this means anything one way or another, just that it has already led to speculation from at least one user because they didn’t say anything.

Edit: and yes it is corporate touting of their strengths, the context here was that it is fair for others to compare the weaknesses as well not that Purism needs to tout their own weaknesses.

In this case speculation is a symptom of incomplete/omitted information. It may be a problem, but is not always (or even often) the root problem.

I guess I just don’t see why they would need to specifically mention the Gemalto. If they’re getting ready to ship the L5-USA, then it’s a given that it can’t have the Chinese-produced modem, right?

That is ONE interpretation. It is not a guarantee.

While I hope that is the case, the last information I saw was that there was no eta on the gemalto modems and no status on getting them to even talk to the OS.

Generally when there is good news Purism touts it, and generally when there is bad news Purism doesn’t say anything until the last possible moment. That has gotten better over time, but it is still the general trend.

With that context it is not unreasonable for someone to be concerned that there was no mention of the modem.

I would like for the statement “no news is good news” to be true here, unfortunately there is history working against Purism which will take time to overcome before that trust is earned in the eyes of many again. Being more forthcoming with information will rebuild that trust faster.

Chassis is made in China , Wi-Fi card in India and medem module in Germany according to the “table of origon” on the order page.


Here they say it’s “Shipping Now…get it in 6 to 8 weeks” and the modem is listed as Gemalto PLS8: https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-5-usa/

So I take that to be true…unless they then say “sorry, not shipping now” (which is entirely possible). I guess we’ll have to wait and see, unless someone wants to message them and actually ask the question.

In any case, I wish everybody could get their devices in the shortest time possible. It would be better for everybody all around.

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While not a direct question asked of purism, nor an email to support, there was this posted in the thread for the post:

This is speculation on @eugenr’s part as nothing was said in the blog post about the modem at all so as you’ve said, it may be procured and being installed in current L5USA devices, or it may not, no one outside purism knows and thus far they aren’t saying.

A few posts later is a post from @Kyle_Rankin which does not address this but is rather responding to a separate post and I fully support not mixing the two, that should have been addressed precisely as it was and IMO was an excellent response from @Kyle_Rankin.

Unfortunately by the modem not being mentioned in the blog post and then a reply in the thread not acknowledging the above comment and there not being a separate reply to acknowledge said comment; it does fuel said speculation for some.

Again, I’m not saying one way or the other what is going on with the modem, just using this as a current example of how communication could be improved as that was the original context of the reference. Being as Purisms communication has improved greatly over the last year I don’t want to be overly negative; I just hope that it can continue to improve and that referencing examples is more productive than saying:


In the video, It’s more an ‘Iphone’ vs ‘Librem5’ comparaison rather than an ‘Apple’ vs ‘Purism’ comparaison
In the article, they compare ‘MacOS’, ‘IOS’ and the policies Apple apply to their products vs ‘PureOs’ and the policies ‘Purism’ apply to their products
Apple has the same ability as Purism to implement privacy policies, but they don’t, it’s about the will to do it or not, it’s not about the financial capabilities of a company

jr3214 was comparing the ability of the 2 companies to produce and deliver a new product : the more money you have the better you will be
And the product jr3214 bought from Apple was surely already produced, sent to the retailer, and in stock waiting for a customer, while the Librem14 he paid for was not yet available, and is probably not yet produced

I can easily state that Purism sucks compared to Apple in mass producing and mass delivering new products especially in the shortage context
Just like 99% of compagnies in the world sucks compared to Apple in mass producing and mass delivering new products
Comparing Apple to Purism in this situation and expecting they should do as good as Apple is completely irrelevant (to be polite)

:+1: That’s exactly why I asked the question to jr3214

I did ask about this previously:

It didn’t get a response.

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Chart with a direct comparison of cherry picked items comparing purism the company to apple the company (and others).

Sure it’s not comparing that apple has more money and more warehouse space, but again when you compare the positives it’s not irrelevant for someone else to compare the negatives.

That’s exactly cherry picking comparisons to make purism look better. Sure purism chooses to run their business differently and in turn has different challenges.

I suspect no matter which examples I post you’re going to stand on “it’s not the same” because purism doesn’t do comparisons that don’t paint themselves in the best possible light (nor should they) but that doesn’t mean they’re “completely irrelevant”.

I agree that the expectations were not set correctly for @jr3214. I’m not one to assign “fault/blame” on that; I think it’s likely some hybrid anyway. The comparison itself is valid as it is part of the whole, even if I don’t value that comparison as much as I value other comparisons made.

Search engine of choice
Site:https://puri.sm apple
There are many more results than I expected, purism has made many comparisons between themselves to apple, at some point it’s reasonable to compare aspects they don’t compare themselves…

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Who does? Get real.

Thank you for taking away the context where the next words were literally “nor should they”…


Because of the omission I’ve went and checked the Librem 5 USA pages and found that:

  1. they write Gemalto as baseband but offers only the Broadmobi in the configuration of the phone for Modem (https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-5-usa/ )
  2. In the product page they say:

“The Librem 5 USA will have a user-replaceable assembled in USA modem. The Gemalto modem chip itself is supplied from Germany, and we will be manufacturing our premium Gemalto M.2 modems in our USA facility”. At phone’s specifications they mention both modems as options ( https://puri.sm/products/librem-5-usa/ )

  1. The availability of Gemalto modem was not announced yet. (probably they are working on the FCC/CE certifications).

That’s interesting. When I placed my L5USA order back in Jan, I don’t recall being given a modem choice, Gemalto PLS8 was simply listed under tech specs.

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