US Carriers on which we'll be able to use Librem 5


Starting late December this year , Verizon will shot down all of its CDMA towers and switch 100% to GSM - LTE.
As of now they are in the high 90’s anyway.
So, the only question remains - will Librem 5 come with all LTE Bands used in US? Unlocked devices from LG (flagship ) Motorola and other OEMs do come with that support.
So,.we should wait and see.



According to cellmapper my provider (Verizon) uses LTE B13 in my area which neither PLS8-E nor PLS8-US support but it looks like a PLS8-X might support it?
I want one but won’t do me any good if I can’t use it.


my only question is are we going to have to manually configure our APN settings or will the be pulled automatically. That can be an absolute nightmare with some networks. You basically have to search around and just hope the settings you find in some forum are correct.


Im new here my first post. Early this year I did place an order for Librem phone. It has me excited. Right now I use my Nokia Lumia 1520.3. It still working well for me and I go between At&t and Tmobile MVNOs. (Im in the USA.) My phone does not pick up Band 12 on tmobile and my biggest issue is building penetration and Band 12 LTE being 700mhz should do better than 1700mhz. Does anyone know if the Librem 5 will support this Band 12 as well as the other carriers. If not this may be will be the deal breaker for me. If anyone know anything appreciate the info.


That doesn’t look good.
You guys gotta figure out how to fill up this huge gap with additional modems. It looks like the most bands for 2 major carriers are missing.


Verizon SIM cards work on any unlocked phone.
Now, Verizon’s VoLTE may not work on some unlocked devices , but their list is expending all the time.