USB-c to VGA adapter on Librem 15v3?

I do a lot of presentations on various conferences and VGA is unfortunately still standard at such events. In order to be able to use my Librem to do the presentations I got myself a USB-c to VGA adapter.

When I connected it nothing happened. I read online that hot-plugging doesn’t work so I also tried to boot the machine with the adapter connected but it didn’t help.

Is there something special that I need to configure or install? Is display over USB-c supported on my laptop?

I am on Arch with 4.14.4-1-ARCH kernel.


afaiu usb-c is not video capable on librems yet. you might have better luck with the hdmi interface.

see: 4k @ 60hz output on Librem 13v2 (via USB C or HDMI)

I am also running into this issue. Would this be something that could eventually be fixed with an update in the future or is my machine locked out for life on that front?

Pretty much… It seems that it is unsupported on a hardware level so nothing we can do about it. :frowning: