Using non-latin language on Librem 5

Ah, you’re right. I might be a little sleepy… I fixed my example.

Anyway, punctuation keys will get a special function later (end prediction), so there’s more potentially breaking changes in the future. I’ll try to make them as easy as possible.

Should we remove all this then?

        outline: "default"
        label: "."
        label: ":"
        keysym: "quotedbl"


Not quite, outlines are still useful (except maybe the default one). So in this case, yeah.

I just started with the changes on the German and Japanese layout. But there are some questions remaining for me:

How do you intend to handle “BackSpace” and “Return”. If I understand #153 correctly, you have to use the “keysym” property with those (because they are just buttons using xkb keycode names - and that’s deprecated in the future). So should it be something like the following?

    outline: "altline"
    icon: "edit-clear-symbolic"
    keysym: "0xff08"
    outline: "altline"
    icon: "key-enter"
    keysym: "0xff0d"

Or should we use f.ex. keysym: "BackSpace"? Both seem to be OK ATM.

And what about space:

    outline: "spaceline"
    label: " "

Shouldn’t we use the “keysym” property here as well?

No, I think I didn’t explain that well enough. Does my comment make it clearer?


Yeah, and that reminds me I should roll out the “text” property soon…


Anyone willing to update the Russian layout?

I still intend to update this and resubmit it. I had trouble with the emulator and haven’t been able to get back to this yet. I have some time now though so I will try to work on it this week.

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Related: Unicode version 13 is set to be released on March 10. “Unicode 13.0 adds 5,930 characters, for a total of 143,859 characters. These additions include 4 new scripts, for a total of 154 scripts, as well as 55 new emoji characters.” Didn’t know it was that much. It includes support for a lot of of (also new-old) languages, in addition to all the emojis.
Is/will it be fully supported on keyboards?

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The keyboard doesn’t care about Unicode versions. It will dutifully forward whatever layout creators put in layouts to the input system, and to the font renderer. I don’t expect any difficulties with Unicode extensions over the next 20 years as long as system fonts keep up.


I like your confidence in stable IT :smile:

Is there anyone who wants to write or take over the French layout?

I have tried Hebrew and cyrilic alphabets on Librem before December both works ok as far as I remember, a Debian support is good for many language I am sure same applies to PureOS.

Edit,: French layout was also ok.

Regards, Alex

By the way, there’s currently no way to enter Cyryllic or Hebrew on the Librem 5 keyboard. Please contribute if you write in languages using those!


Just ignore the person that you think has been offensive with you, a forum is more than a single user, you can still helping the community.

I may be able to do the wide version for the Spanish layout, ill have a look to the repo this night because I’ve been away for a while and I don’t know the current status of the layouts.


Hi, after a while I’m trying to upload the Spanish layout again including the new Terminal layouts, but I not sure about something, in /data/langs/es-ES.txt what we need to add? all the layout codes with their Spanish translations or just the keyboard name?

All the codes – but the translations from this file are only used for the cases when gnome-desktop doesn’t provide them, so I think it’s safe to skip.