USSD codes on the Librem 5

For some reason 2G, 3G (Preferred) and 3G only don’t work. Setting the network mode to 2G, 3G establishes a 2G connection: I cannot send the USSD code anyway, but I can receive calls (big improvement).

Do you actually have 3G reception around?

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I would be surprised if not, but I cannot say, I’ve changed carrier few days ago … it may not have 3G coverage

Zoom way down to neighborhood level and observe the color of “3G” as per the legend:

I just learned that this carrier only rely on 4G or 2G


Edit: nperf isn’t detailed enough, it shows nothing in my area.

Ah, yes… I see Vodafone allegedly shut down 3G in January:

It may be that not enough users have reported 3G coverage there because most were on 4G, possibly.

You can also check:

but USSD codes should work with 2G, right?

They should; it’s just GSM technology, I think.

They don’t :disappointed: