Virt-manager qemu/kvm in librem?

can i use virt-manager on librem laptop to virtualize and use other OS without losing performance comparing other computers, because of coreboot/virtualizations?

no one use it or could try it?

I am indeed using virt-manager with qemu/kvm to have a Windows XP OS running with PureOS on a librem15 rev2, in principle it works, still problems with sound (there is no sound, but I am a newbie to virtualisation and eventually will figure it out). I have no need for high performance (I want to be able to read some legacy Windows-CDs and read some USB-Devices for which I only have driver software for Windows), so I can’t tell how much performance I lose.

After I set it up, I had some configuration issues which made virt-manager complain about not being able to connect to libvirtd-process (even if this process was runnning). I purged and reinstalled the libvirt-packages, and at a certain point I got it back to work. But a I said, I am new to all this, so still learning.

thanks for your reply, do you have graphic lag with moving windows or using firefox? or it is almost as the host?

I myself don’t notice any graphic lag when moving windows. I have no firefox installed yet (and don’t intend to let the virtual machine connect to the internet). But to my taste, operation seems to be smooth.