VoLTE and VZW with Librem 5

Hi so I live where Verizon is my only practical choice for cell service. They have removed the ability for techs to opt users out of VoLTE. I would accept 3g or 4g service instead… But no. They cannot toggle that switch for me anymore.

Will the Libre 5 phone work for me, or will I be forced to go with a different service provider?

(my cell signal is strong at home, but the towers are overloaded…) Any word or sense on whether VZW will allow me to use the Librem?
And will the Librem mimic an old phone, or it going to be forced VoLTE also?

Any way for me to find out? Or do I wait and then pick a carrier based on what each carrier says when my Librem arrives?


@MrFriday Just in case you missed my reply to you on that thread, odds are Verizon won’t play nice and let you use the librem on their networks, I was using a CDMA network and have switched to a GSM network to try and avoid any problems

BIggest GSM networks in the USA are: T-Mobile, AT&T, MetroPCS, and Cricket Wireless

Cricket is owned by AT&T, MetroPCS is owned by T-Mobile-Best of luck to you

As for VoLTE in the Librem 5, I don’t know anything about that, perhaps someone else does…

@0591ryan Thank You. NOW I realize that I will (likely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) need to switch carriers. I very much appreciate the insight, and the leads on GSM carriers and their needing to accept ‘any’ GSM capable device.

Thanks to your input… I won’t be signing up for any CDMA contract renewals in the meantime… :sunglasses:

Maybe the Librem and whatever carrier I end up with will have wifi calling as an option for good coverage at home? Even if I need to buy some kind of a GSM signal booster from amuhzon, to run on my home network… I could make it work, I hope. Fingers Crossed!!

*Already excitedly plunked down full funds for a Librem, during early fundraising… based on ethics alone.

Even If the device becomes (for me, in my situation) a secondary device without mobile service, it will be a beautiful thing to have. A mini Linux pocket computer or music player at the least. Even if I were to merely play my (? networked?) music over it and use Bluetooth… Either way… It is technology I can be proud to support, even if GSM service is shoddy in my hood.

Guess I will do some research (or some waiting) and see whether wifi calling will be an option. Perhaps it is dependent on which OS I choose to operate and which carrier I choose.

Oh the unknown. :smile:

Daddy will have a new toy to play with at least.

I bet the VoLTE is CDMA specific… But I am not sure. From what I understand it rides atop the 4G signal but uses 1/3 the bandwidth and uses compression AKA makes nice little recordings for voice calls. Hopefully a moot point… Have even tried VZW advanced calling features, and my CDMA network here does not do ‘the handshake’ well… (handshake being the handoff between tower and router). Phones drops calls rather than passing signal seamlessly between WiFi and Towers. And it sounds awful. But enough on that!!

Guess I will add a GSM service for my Librem and will test it out before I sever any existing CDMA contract.

For what it’s worth regarding WiFi calling, AT&T doesn’t appear to support WiFi calling on devices unless the device is branded and sold by AT&T. So while I think you should still be able to use Matrix and whatever else for voice calls because they use their own service, I don’t think you’ll be able to use the Librem 5 for WiFi calls to your phone number.

I bought an unlocked phone and have not been able to get WiFi calling on AT&T, so I think I’m going to look into T-Mobile.

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