VoLTE support progress

Screen and socat need to be installed before you can run them.

Having said that: I tried every method mentioned here and elsewhere - including ‘sudo /usr/bin/bm818-volte on’ - without any result.
I just can’t enable VoLTE on my L5. It keeps dropping to 3G when making a call.

I have the same experience except my call is an LTE call just not VoLTE, but that could be peculiar to my network and how they handle voice calls. I know (I work for the company just not in the wireless devision), that if there is a non VoLTE capable phone that is LTE capable then the call is handled via HSPA which is 4G so I think that is my case. Either way for both of us, no matter what we do VoLTE isn’t working. I confirmed that VoLTE is enabled on my sim, I called customer service specifically to make this request and we have way better customer service than the big carriers in Canada…lol.

I thought I’d double check whether T-mobile really has enabled VoLTE on my connection. They have. So, the problem is with the modem and/or the firmware.


I also wonder what the problem is with t-mobile.
unfortunately, the support from t-mobile was a joke.

I received my Librem5 last year. I live in Europe and my provider is Telekom. When I check my provider’s config, VoLTE is enabled. As I read above, maybe there is a problem with Telekom…reagrdless I tried to enable VoLTE and here is my story:

I regulary update my system with

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo reboot

I currently run byzantium and kernel 6.1.0-1-librem5 (manually installed by sudo apt install linux-image-6.1.0-1-librem5).

Today I installed bm818-tool using apt. After installation I reboot my system and start the gui tool. In that tool I opt-in VoLTE enabled and reboot again. Afterwards I startet a call to my home and checked wit the gui tool for VoLTE but nothing happens.
On the top under FW version it is written:


So, IMO VoLTE don’t work for me. Do I have to update my firmware as mentioned above? If the update process ist still critical, I will wait until there is an official and save way to do the update. @Purism what’s the current state?

Other question:
What means CBS enbale in the bm818 tool?


CBS I think is Cellular Broadcast Service so I think that enables alerts on your phone. You know the one’s that wake you up at 3am.

I have the same experience, no combination of using the tool or command line has enabled VoLTE for me but also my Samsung S22 which is VoLTE capable and enabled isn’t using it for some reason, I have to enquire more with our wireless engineers why that isn’t working.

For that it would be appropriate to contact Purism support directly i.e. support@puri.sm

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When I make/get a call, the indicator at the top changes to 2G. Mint Mobile (T-Mobile MVNO).

Yeah, sure. The purpose of my post is to ask if enabling VoLTE is possbile with the bmb818-tool or if fruther steps are necessary? I think answering this question here will avoid more individual support questions. It would be also helpful to know what should be written under FW version to identify if there is a fimerware problem or not…

Yeah that won’t be a VoLTE call…basically your phone should stay in LTE mode while in a call meaning it’s using the LTE data channel to transmit the voice traffic.

The latest update on the L5 mentions the bm818-tools…
Hope this one makes the difference!

Nope. Not for me.

Yeah I think we need to wait for a driver update not this.

Sounds plausible.

My Purism Librem 5 make calls under 4G(i not using my L5 for daily driver yet, just i gaming some time), but for some reason i do not believe is making VoLTE calls, for real volte call it requiere a blob in userland, but also a Pulseaudio VoLTE profile, plus a tiny volte icon in the bar when a real VoLTE is running. May be my L5 make volte calls but i not confident for some reason.
My current daily driver phone before i moving for Librem 5 it a SSS Sony Seine Sailfish. Even this device do not make VoLTE calls, because it required a manual y specific binary blob en userland, i not had motivated to fix it, because to fix it require a reprograming back to android with a special firmware to do this i need windows os, i do not know howto use windows os either i have a windows machine.

Yeah, that was my point: The notification bar told me the call was 2G. Didn’t do that for the other guy – something is not working right for him.

If the call setup is immediate and the audio quality is very good it’s probably a VoLTE call.

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@dos Could you tell me what log settings I would need to dump all the call setup logs when a call occurs? I want to do some troubleshooting to try and see why VoLTE calls aren’t happening even though my account is enabled on the network. I have access to wireless engineer brains that I could pick in an effort to get this working, or at least provide you guys with some valuable information in doing so.


You can call to @joao.azevedo, joao is the best for modem things, at the same time reducing the workload to @dos, dos it working extremely hard to improving/fixing the Librem 5 everywhere.


I emailed Joao so hopefully I can make some progress on this. Our company is partnered with Rogers in Canada so if it works on our network it will work on theirs, and Rogers is peered with AT&T in the US, so there is potentially a big pay off if I can help solve the VoLTE issue.