Want to buy Librem 15 v4

Hi there, still I seek out for a Librem L15 v4 to buy.

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I can offer you a 15v3, take a look here: https://www.ebay.de/itm/265023836993

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Vielen Dank! Aber ich brauche UHD, daher muss es ein v4 sein.

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Wait, did they stop selling these anew?

That’s a bummer. I hope they’ll make another bigger laptop.

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The sale offer in december was the outselling.
Regrettably, they did not announce it were the last L15v4 to ever be sold.
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You may want to address it to Kyle Rankin directly:

Also, you could address the problem with the lack of communication offered by Purism. Just as I and many others did already.

That frustration and despair that pops up when you learn, that the product, you just wanted to buy, was silently discontinued and will never ever again be available.


I have
$1100 + shipping
Purism Librem 15 v4
Screen 15,6” matte 3840x2160
CPU intel Core i7 7500U
RAM 32gb
GPU intel HD Graphics 620
Storage 512 GB (NVMe Pro)
Operating System Ubuntu

You wrote $900 here: Sell my Librem 15 High inflation?!?


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@irvinewade : Thanks!

Thank you!
Where from? US?

How long / intense has it been used? Do you have Fotos?
One HD / SSD?

Kyle, may I gently ask, if there be a way to revive the L15 v4 shortterm to fill the gap till the L14 is ready?

I mean, like, everything in terms of hardware and assembling should already be in place + know how + production process. Just get the parts into stock and … get going, commence building them.

Assuming that some of the folks waiting for the L14 would also be happy with the L15 v4, it could reduce pressure and also wash in money.
Seems to me, that the L15 must have reached the cash cow state in its production lifecycle, thist could also be profitable.
This could make folks happy and be win-win for everybody.

Best regards :slight_smile:

one HD

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Thank you. I checked with the custom fees and it gets to expensive when importing it to Germany.
But thanks anyway.

The 4k screen alone would make it worthwhile for some

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Thank you, yes. Same here.
It’s hard to step down to HD, if acustomed to UHD.

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Hey, do you still have this? I’m down to buy it if you do. I live in the US. I have the money.

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text me please private message

New Kid on the block, Librem 15 v4 from US.
Only national US shippment.


I have one I only used for a year 32gb ram 512 ssd ram.

Librem 15 version 4 currently running kali Linux

I have this and I have it running on kali Linux