Wanted product: Librem server motherboard only

I think it will be great if they can sell the server motherboard(is it ITX?) individually, so we hobbists can DIY our own home server or workstation using such a libre and secure primary part.
It will be even better if they offer anti interdiction service for a motherboard+TPM combo.

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Purism will not do this but maybe they could link to someone else willing to deal with the hassle of individually selling the open-hw/free-sw motherboards into end-user space …

there is the AMD option for now though but those don’t have NVME m2s …

I don’t speak for Purism and I think @reC doesn’t either but it may be more practical to say … I want a “home” class Librem Server. I think it could be somewhat difficult to prise the basic mobo out of the existing design, so maybe starting from a clean slate would give a better result.

The existing server product as a 1U rackmount (19" wide?, depth uncertain) may not suit many home users and the price may be a little steep for most home users and the grunt level may be overkill for many home users but perhaps somewhere in between is a price point, form factor and grunt level that would appeal - while still getting the freed and secure aspects, and hopefully getting enough flexibility in configure-to-order.

Home users may also be more concerned (than businesses) about the 24x7 power consumption and the noise.

Regardless of my opinion, it may be helpful to spell out roughly what your desired configuration would look like.

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I would love to see a up-to-date equivalent to the B3 from excito running pureos…

I’ve used the current product for some time, but I fear the hardware is getting dated. And as far as I can tell the os hasn’t been updated in years.

Probably a completely different price point, as compared with the product being discussed in this topic.

If you are looking for a replacement for the box you mention, some people might look at the latest Raspberry Pi, with heat sink rather than fan, even though it doesn’t provide all the hardware capability and obviously doesn’t provide the openness that a hypothetical Purism product would provide.

See also Your Purism products wish list Plenty of people discussing NAS desires, if I recall correctly, and assuming that NAS is the main function that you are interested in.

Purism likely won’t ever sell the mainboard by itself, but some internet sleuthing will easily turn up who makes the servers, their model #s, and the respective mainboard part #s. One could then build/flash PureBoot themselves (external programmer required).


This is my guess for the cheapest librem server model https://www.newegg.com/supermicro-mbd-x10sdv-tln4f-o-intel-xeon-processor-d-1541/p/N82E16813182964

any of the X10SDV boards should work (but obviously I’ve not tested all variants), so that one is about 2x more expensive than the cheapest I’ve seen new

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