Was my laptop tampered with during shipping?


I don’t know. I think this is sort of a slippery slope. On the one hand, yeah it makes sense. On the other why don’t they go even farther? It becomes a rabbit hole that is very deep, and in many cases highly subjective.

I think given that the laptops are coming from Purism themselves, and then given to a carrier (UPS, USPS, FedEx), the integrity of your box is subject to the carrier. You can assume there are no security problems coming from Purism (otherwise, why did you order from them?).

Depending on where you live, there are many possible vectors of problems that are completely outside of Purism’s control. So if you are truly paranoid about all of this, then you have all the tools to ensure you are secure.


I purchased my librem last year and had the same concerns re safe and secure shipping. I have no computer software knowledge or even linux training, however, i have found some interesting research by quinn michaels, a computer programer documenting research you can find at his youtube channel and at crowdsource the truth interviews. i’ll enclose a link to just one of his many disclosures concerning the regarding the current state of technology and another link discussing the work, research of mathematician, mit, norbert wiener. amazing and vital information that i can even understand… you customers and programs at purism will be shocked and mystified without a doubt… this goes to the deepest levels of ai and where we are today, right or wrong, good or bad, your point of view will be challenged… please support the work of quinn michaels, like, share with others. https://youtu.be/F4ihlWZYMlE entitled artificial intelligence psyops tyler and q anon. BEST to everyone