Weather app won't keep location

The default weather app won’t keep or save the location I enter. Each time I reopen the app, I need to reselect the location. How do I make keep the location between starts? Thanks.

I dont have the answer for you, but will piggy back on that it wont keep your display size either upon reboot.

I prefer the KDE weather app (flatpak): List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

The irony here is that some users will want their location to NOT be remembered. Considering the posts that went on and on about not wanting to be tracked. When this is fixed, keep that as an option.

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Using any weather app, if it selectively retrieves data from a host on the internet, allows your location to be tracked - assuming that you are asking for the data pertaining to where you are. This applies whether or not the app remembers your location.

If being tracked is a concern, using the weather app at all may be a privacy issue, and you should probably examine its implementation before using it.