What happened to the L-15?

While reading some recent L5 posts, and change of web site layout, I decided to take another look at the L-15 I am waiting on for some upgrades. The only reference to L-13 and L15 is the power adapter ad.

Power adapter for Librem 13, Librem 14 and Librem 15.

Two questions:

  1. Has the L-15 been removed?

  2. Do understand this right, that Librem products do not include the pwr adapters and are batteries included?


All products include power adapters and batteries.

Thanks. I did read through all that until it went way off-topic, also read the sub-discussions and no where was the question answered. Sure, a lot of chatter about the L-14 but no answer to the question what happened to the L-15.

So in summary, no one knows what happened to it. (Insert your guessed cuss word here) and I was waiting and hoping the L15 was going to be ready this spring with a RJ-45.

Thanks anyway,

There was a very definite answer:

In other words, Librem 15 is discontinued and Librem 14 replaces it. Another model is not in the work yet.

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No. There is a lot about the L14 being this and that, but didn’t up and explain “what happened to the L-15?”. In summary one could assume it was discontinued in order to focus on the L14, but the last thing I remembered reading was that L-15 might have a RJ-45. Hence my interest in what happened to the L-15".

Did I pass?

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Microsoft Surface USB-C to Ethernet (please open related Librem 5 Community Wiki link) … or other similar will work with L14 too (or some future version of L15/L16), as I described (sort of) RTL8153 chip here or officially confirmed as Realtek RTL8153 based USB3.0 Ethernet adapters here.

I hope that this approach helps (to understand at least). It is just one working (take this, please, as direct approach and not some kind of workaround) sample showing that there are different approaches and different ways to get Librem products work out-of-the-box with several ready-made Ethernet adapters to be connected to the particular USB Type C port (using PureOS as default OS). In short, my main advice here would be to (start to) consider USB Type C approach when … without expecting (as/if not happening) that Purism provides some/any/clear promise/solution to your needs (Did I pass?).

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Hi @Quarnero,

Never start a sentence off with “Microsoft”… not here :crazy_face:

This is a great idea, and one I should have thought of because I use a USB Ethernet adapter. I do this because on that (if you remember) Z400 I have zombieized into running Pure, has only 10/100 but the adapter is 1000.

I don’t know why you jumped to that conclusion other than perhaps, exercising. But, I got it. Me bad. Won’t rely/expect any promise/solution to my “needs”.
~~ Caution: Anything anyone says can and may be taken out of context and used against them in a court of Social Media ~~*

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