What ProtonMail has to say about trust

what are your thoughs ?
updating conversations like this helps to remind us that we are not “out-of-the-woods” YET. huh ?

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Notice the article was written by a top Proton Mail officer.

If you are really concerned, you can encrypt your email on an off line machine to be decrypted only by the receiver of the email. I think that is part of the protocol that Qubes is recommend to use. Two machines. One offline, and one online to send the messages.

The real problem is, to me. Suppose a person is living in a country where the power structure; Government, Shadow government. Local militia-wanna have everything. Violently harm individuals, steal from them.

The person does not really comprehend the danger of using the internet to send information on what is happening in their country, trusts things like Proton Mail, when it really marks them for further interest by the oppressing authorities. Even so, if it is like a genocide, Who cares? Who, what country is going to do something? What is the risk versus benefits of posting information?

to me articles like these only make sense from a defensive position.

nowadays people are getting more-or-less “aware” what is going on and they try to find someone to blame. then the “poor” software companies who are in the line of fire start to feel the heat and they feel immediately the need to post “CVs” of their company/employees to show how PRO and knowledgeable they are.

well just look at ProtonMail - CERN - i mean Jesus Christ you suddenly feel the need to jump ship because the “boat” is “too-small” all-of-a-sudden.

no doubt they know their shit and a large portion of their software is auditable etc., etc.

for all i know they really could be honest to-God in what they say their practice is what they preach, but … INFRASTRUCTURE - the bane and Achilies’ heel of modern networked communications.


Security is a rabbit hole that has no end. There will ALWAYS be someone to say that something isn’t secure enough. Look at the people hating on Purism, for example.

To me the bigger issue is privacy and ownership of a device that can be repaired, because it was designed that way. These are things worth whinging about. Security is a goal that should be strived for, but the reality of the impossible goal needs to be maintained.

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