What's the point of the monitor Librem 5 combo?


maybe this is just me being ignorant but isn’t there an adapter that we could buy and just use with a monitor we already have?


I don’t think there’s any reason to assume existing monitors won’t be compatible, barring some cable adapters. If you’ve got monitors to use, no need to buy the combo


Since a binary blob is required for HDMI in the i.MX 8M, the Librem 5 will probably use DisplayPort alternative mode over USB-C, since the i.MX 8M does support DisplayPort and eDP and there are many USB-C host and PD chips on the market that can convert DisplayPort to DisplayPort alternative mode. (It would be possible for Purism to put a separate HDMI convertor chip on the board, but that would cost more so I can’t see why Purism would do that when it already has DisplayPort provided by the SoC and DisplayPort is a freer standard than HDMI.)

What the i.MX 8M doesn’t support is dual display mode (it is also not supported by DisplayPort alt. mode), so you are only going to be able to use one monitor.

You can definitely do this cheaper by buying your own monitor with DisplayPort, a Bluetooth keyboard, a Bluetooth mouse and a USB-C to DisplayPort cable, but you might want to support Purism’s mission, and you also get the convenience of knowing that everything works together out of the box.


or just buy/use a ultra wide aspect ratio monitor ( 21:9 = 2560x1080/3440x1440 or higher ones or the realy giant 3840x1080 ) that way you get the benefit of dual monitors in a single one.


That’s TOO COOL put me down for the combo.