When will firefox-esr be fixed? And when will Gnome browser work properly?

Seriously, the two browser are never working right, each with its own probb.x

Need a phone and browser… right?
Why not get more developers on major issues to fix first and then move to other non essential software… so frustrating… I had to move cell card back to the android spy phone 3rd time in several weeks!
IT is an L5 usa


What issue do you have with Firefox? Most things are fixed by community except the addons in the new version 115-esr, which happened during a bad decision on Firefox 109 (non esr). Using 102-esr works well (but is not supported anymore).

I think it’s more important for Purism to focus on their own product since here’s enough work that have to be done. And they’re doing so, it just need some time.


What issue do you have with Firefox? Most things are fixed by community

Toolbar buttons are entirely inaccessible, see issue no. 8 of the firefox-esr-mobile-config PureOS package.
Not sure if you were referring to the toolbar buttons when you mentioned add-ons.

I think the package needs some TLC.


Give a look here.

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While the time and energy that went in the thread you linked is commendable, now is the best time to pack up all those tweaks and contribute them to the firefox-esr-mobile-config package in PureOS.

Everyone has that package already because it comes pre-installed with PureOS.
And the sole reason that package exists is to provide all necessary tweaks to make firefox-esr usable for everyone by default.

That way, all mobile PureOS users are going to benefit from it – not just those savvy enough and willing to copy snippets of code back and forth from a forum thread.


Sure. I just told you that you can already have it.

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so I just learned about the back door in firefox-esr and checked desktop with netstat… showed the offending ip… on my L5 sudo netstat does not work. What is the correct command to get stats?

See the other thread.


found netstat is outdated for L5 use ss instead (lowercase)

I completely agree, and I nominate my new fenix_one.css with dynamic_popups_pro.css as the default configuration, along with my userContent.css (fenix).

@dos, what do you think?

(I don’t know who else to tag in order for this to be seen by someone from Purism)
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Hey, I just thought I should respond to your post here to mention that addons/extensions are completely fixed in Firefox-ESR 115 with my new extensions_menu.css and dynamic_popups.css (as well as a few different dynamic_popups variations), and my true_mobile_landscape.css (and the alt variation) completely fixes addons/extensions in landscape orientation mode. And all fixes are included in fenix_fox.css and fenix_one.css (and their alt variations).

Thanks to reply here, I would not recognize it otherwise. I will give a look as soon as I have some time. Is there a specific container or how did you (and the others) fixed that?

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What’s wrong with epiphany? It works fine for me.

How do we install the mods properly? I do appreciate your time spent looking into the problems. Thanks Dave.

@fch, 3 Points:

  1. I like to work with same tools over different computers (no need to change workflow).
  2. I like the Firefox UI a bit more (including the possibility to modify for my needs).
  3. Addons that I don’t want to miss to protect myself.


  1. Copy files into the directory ~/.mozilla/firefox/[YOUR PROFILE ID]/chrome.
  2. Edit in this directory userChrome.css with lines like @import url("[FILENAME].css") and save it.
  3. Start/restart Firefox.

Step one copy the mods, step two activates them. If something is already inside userChrome.css, it’s may a good idea to save them into another file like the modded ones. This way you can reset changes easily, but you also can be sure that no standard changes break things.


So there is #unified-extensions-panel, which contains #unified-extensions-view. But once you click on an extension, it actually opens #customizationui-widget-panel, which contains #customizationui-widget-multiview (also used for the Tab Manager Menu). And then, you have to set .webextension-popup-browser to use the full height and width of the popup so that extensions can take up the full space and allow scrolling.

I had to use the Browser Toolbox to discover this, as well as guess-and-check to see how to actually configure it for proper use of extensions like uBlock Origin.

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I think I’m finally finished with edits on my Firefox Customization Post.

To recap:

  • introduced fully functional landscape mode
  • introduced several optional dynamic popups configurations
  • fixed extensions and the new Unified Extensions Menu
  • fixed and redesigned about pages (about:addons, about:preferences, etc.)
  • created a style to mimic Firefox for Android, complete with colors

I realize there is a lot of code, but I did make sure that there are sufficient comments.

I am hoping that someone from Purism can review my code so that it can be incorporated into PureOS. I also think it could make a cool blog post or video on puri.sm/posts demonstrating the progress made on the browser and the customizability of the Librem 5.

@dcz, @dos, and @guido.gunther, what do you think?


I’m really sorry, but I did make another round of edits to all of the files listed in the “Updated on November 5th 2023” section of October 2023 Haloween Update (post 55).


…There are a few more updates noted in October 2023 Haloween Update (post 55).




The firefox-esr-mobile-config package has received some updates recently, however, it seems that it will only be made available in Crimson (https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/debs/firefox-esr-mobile-config/-/commit/21dbe2fc5497dfb6901cb25a05e477e61590ff42).