Where are OS updates & How to Get Them?

I did search through Docs, forum (L5) and Wiki.

I’m trying to catch up and get WiFi working with Telus pleb KooDo update the basically says they don’t support Librem but they have phones I can buy that will work. I seem to remember the Mafia worked that way too.

It’s about their MMS and APN settings

It was suggested that I make sure L5 is up to date, and yesterday, I saw a message there was a OS update, which I deferred to do at my convenience. Now the notice is gone and I want to at least get that part behind me before my only option,as KooDo and Telus put it, to buy a new phone.

So, is there a way to get the update/upgrade and make sure OS is working. Then I have to cancel both and they’ll want me to pay a penalty for not buying their phone.

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You either have to do sudo apt update or go to the software store and click on the updates tab.

P.S Did you get your phone reflashed?


Thanks for the direction. Updated. No change in usage.

No to flashing. A long visit in hospital kept me down. Recovering from surgery now. Too, I read many of the others that flashed and lost a lot of settings, screen etcetera. I’m trying to get WiFi to work again after carriers, update or buy their phone. But according to Koodo, if L5 doesn’t upgrade APN/MMS then I’m hooped. In short the buck was bounced back to manufacturer. Yeah- that’s like 'error - ‘contact your Administrator’. :expressionless:


That will certainly be the case. If you reflash then you will lose all content on the internal drive and all settings etc. That isn’t an argument not to reflash however. It just means that it needs to be a planned activity of working out what you are going to lose, and then making provision for that so that you can get it all back afterwards.

Maybe someone else in Canada can decipher what settings you need in order to work with your carrier.

To update any Linux device (that is running a distro in the Debian family)
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade


I already provided instructions in their other thread.


Can yo tell me what is your carrier?


Koodo Mobile.

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Thanks for helping Joao

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In chatty’s Preferences > SMS and MMS settings

Please use these settings:


MMSC: http://aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc
APN: sp.koodo.com
Proxy: mmscproxy.mobility.ca:8799

Then press apply (upper right corner)