Where is phosh gone?


Phosh 0.30.0 has been announced in august
Phosh 0.31.0 has been announced in september

But my up-to-date phone is stuck in 0.29.0 (announced in July)
Does this mean it’s only landing on Crimson ? :cry:


I am running Crimson on one of my L5’s and can confirm that it uses phosh 0.31.1 currently.

I must say, though, that updates have been few and far in between both on crimson and byzanthium during the past couple of weeks. Crimson just got upgraded to Linux 6.4.0-1-librem5 though.

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Just wait for Crimson stable release. I guess we wont get a lot of improvements on Byzantium anymore.

Anything super great about Crimson?

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Difficult to say as I haven’t used it much yet. Some applications can’t be installed due to missing dependencies. I also didn’t manage to find an image with LUKS encryption, so I will need to reflash again at some point.

Jenkins only has Crimson in the plain variant at the moment, so it still has not changed since I mentioned the steps required to flash it on Evergreen.

Also, all of the recent build jobs for Byzantium have been failing, so there is no way to flash Byzantium for any devices at the moment. The only functioning Byzantium image is QEMU plain.

The first part seems like just one of those things, but the second part seems like something that shouldn’t happen.

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Correct: normally there are a bunch of images built daily at regular intervals for each device, but all of them have been failing other than QEMU plain.

Sorry about my ignorance of PureOS flashable images, but is it not possible to get an image from recent previous days?

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At least stable works:

➜ ./scripts/librem5-flash-image --stable
2023-10-01 19:40:34,303 INFO Looking for librem5r4 luks byzantium image
2023-10-01 19:40:34,433 INFO Found disk image Build "stable" 'Last stable librem5r4 build' from Fri Jun 23 22:21:40 2023
2023-10-01 19:40:34,856 ERROR handle_other(): Mutual authentication failed
2023-10-01 19:40:35,910 INFO Found uboot Build 85 from Thu Aug 25 15:22:41 2022
2023-10-01 19:40:35,910 INFO Downloading to ./tmp_librem5-flash-image_62domuyz
2023-10-01 19:40:36,047 INFO Downloading image from https://storage.puri.sm/librem5/images/byzantium/latest/librem5r4/luks/artifact/librem5r4.img.xz
Download:   0%|                                                    | 5357568/4149978124 [00:03<51:14, 1347890.61it/s]
Decompr.:   1%|▍                                                  | 35545118/4500000256 [00:03<12:49, 5800987.97it/s]
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Thank you for this information - I will share this instruction within other threads.

No, other then using the argument above which downloads the stable Byzantium image. Jenkins has been failing to build Byzantium images, other than QEMU plain. You can verify this using the link below.


Things have improved since my first post !
Phosh is not exclusive to Crimson anymore
Now, my up-to-date Byzantium L5 has the 0.32.0 version of phosh :partying_face:


Hm, I’m still at phosh 0.29 though I’m doing apt full-upgrades daily. How did you manage to get phosh 0.32? (edited typo)

It may only be in the byzantium-updates-proposed repo right now.
I have that repo added and am also running v0.32.

The phosh-mobile-settings app has not been updated but everything else is updated to v0.32

I only have 3 repo in my sources.list (nothing in sources.list.d) :

  • byzantium
  • byzantium-updates
  • byzantium-security

When I do apt update it retrieve 10 package lists
Then I do apt-get dist-upgrade
I don’t remember doing anything special about the repo on my L5

I’ve added updates-proposed and now I’m golden, thanks for your answers. :sunflower: