Where is PureOS Image for arm64?

At the download links, all the images are marked amd_64, but where are the images for the Librem 5?



There are Librem 5 image builds on Purism’s Jenkins instance:


You can select a completed build and it will show you the artifacts. One of which is an XZ compressed image. Is that what you are looking for?

There is a User guide page about flashing the Librem 5 that walks through using their scripts to flash a new image onto the Librem 5:

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Ooooh… do these work on the PineBook Pro?? I’ve been using Armbian.

@FamousJameous The arm01.puri.sm/job/Images/ site is broken, so there is no way to reflash the Librem5 since the librem5-flash-image script needs to access that site in order to download the Byzantium OS. Every time I try to reflash, the script times out because it can’t connect to arm01 site.

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Yes, you are right. I can’t access it either. You’ll probably need to contact Purism support (support@puri.sm). They should be able to help.

Yes, I sent an email to Purism support and am waiting for a response.

ditto i just tried to reflash my librem 5 phone phone using instructions no-cigar, if i have the ISO locally and downloaded, can i flash it from the local folder? Also see Cannot download image.

Its a python error or server error?

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Yes, I believe you can do that i.e. the flashing script allows you to do the exercise in two parts (download first without flashing, and then later on flash). However I’m sure by now the server is up anyway.

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Sure, just follow this post steps: External battery charger for Librem5. As there described, last step would include:

EDIT: @Captain_Morgan, you actually do not need to use Jumpdrive, after Librem 5 connected (under proper procedure) just use (before executing above command, before actual flash):
lsusb | grep 8M
uuu -lsusb

Also, feel free to rewrite guide (make it better) that I provided.

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