Who is the best web provider for Librem 5?

I just received my Librem 5 a few days ago. My current service provider won’t handle Librem 5 phones. I am considering Mint Mobil. However, there are any number of people on this forum with real world experience in this area. I live outside of Knoxville, TN, USA in Morristown. What would you recommend and why?

Congrats, @dmick1954!

You should be good with T-mobile or any MVNO that uses T-mobile’s network: https://bestmvno.com/compare/t-mobile-mvnos/

The L5’s modem (BM818-A1) passes T-mobile’s IMEI check on their website.

Note that T-mobile is trying to actually buy Mint Mobile, and now plans to try the same with Mint’s sister MVNO, Ultra Mobile. Not necessarily bad, but prices could change.

Hopefully you have good T-mobile coverage in your area.

This would depend on what you need from the service, e.g., data allotment, cost savings, how many lines, etc.

There’s some relevant discussion here: Inexpensive US Carriers

Howdy dmick1954!
I’m been using Mint Mobile for about a year now, and have been pretty happy with ith it. The best price is with a year plan, but they offer a trial at that price. I’d suggest you give it a shot. I don’t live anywhere near you so I don’t know how good Tmobile is for a signal in your area.

Was using Tracfone before that, didn’t like it as it was a pain to add more data if needed, and Mint was a better deal for me overall with more data for about the same price.

Both worked fine. Only thing I’ll note is that Visual Voicemail generally doesn’t work on Mint with the current state of the software. This is a known issue.

I use Mint Mobile. It works very well in upper Midwest.

What’s the price

Mint Mobile in the US has these plans:
Every plan has unlimited calls/texts
$15/month: 5Gb of data
$20/month: 15Gb of data
$25/month: 20Gb of data
$30/month: unlimited data