Why does the Librem 14 have 2 power ports?

And yet you haven’t proven anything.

You can’t read what I write and respond appropriately. A usb c port is not a usb c pd port.

Also your use case seems tragic if and only if you didn’t know that you can buy longer cables, extension cord, or surge protector with a longer cord.

No I don’t get your use case at all. It simply sounds ridiculous. (which I’ve tried subtly to point out and hoped you would come to the final conclusion on your own.)

Doesn’t mean I’m against you having a problem or even starting this thread.

Anyways you clearly know what you’re doing. Have fun ripping open your librem.

No existing/shipped Librem devices support USB-PD (except the phone). The presence of a USB-C port does not imply USB-PD functionality.

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Thanks, I’m aware of the difference. I’m a bit confused though, why did you say

why would you have to tear it apart when it comes with USB-PD?

if it does not come with USB-PD? Based on that and the responses of some other users saying it already comes with USB-PD, I assumed it did. Perhaps I misunderstood you.

So even if the USB-C port were moved to the opposite side again, the Librem 14v2 still wouldn’t (yet) support USB-PD, is that correct?

I’m not sure how things have gotten so confused.

No existing Librem 13/15 models have USB-PD.

The Librem 14 will have USB-PD.

Moving the port isn’t an option because that’s where the port is on the reference design on which the Librem 14 is based. Adding USB-PD to the USB-C port on the reference design added a non-trivial cost, but one we felt was worth it. Moving any ports would incur significant NRE costs for a full redesign, and would be pointless as there’s no functional limitation in its current location.


I use USB-C charging on my 2016 MacBook Pro… of course that is the only type of port they have on there!

The cable that plugs into the port is pretty small. I imagine I could plug the following cable into the port no matter what else I had connected.


I always break the wires in the power cable right at the point where it plugs into every laptop that I have ever owned. I have had to solder together broken wires at least half a dozen times (particularly with Lenovo charge cables). It is such a problem that I now wrap the last couple inches of wire in many layers of electrical tape to prevent the wire from bending right at the point where it plugs into the laptap. It looks ugly, but it solved the problem for me of breaking the charging cables.

USB-C cables look far more fragile than normal charge cables and are probably more likely to break, but they are also easier to replace, since they are a standardized part that you can buy anywhere. I wouldn’t even try to resolder the wires in a USB-C cable.

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you should always FACT check what the community here says … we are still only people and we can forget or miss-type etc.
never take a “fortunately for you i am MIGHTY” seriously UNLESS it’s coming from Thor himslef :rofl:

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never take a “fortunately for you i am MIGHTY” seriously UNLESS it’s coming from Thor himslef :rofl:

Haha, I’ve noticed that especially the people who pretend to be thor often have the least qualifications for their claims as well. Point taken.

USB-C cables look far more fragile than normal charge cables and are probably more likely to break, but they are also easier to replace, since they are a standardized part that you can buy anywhere. I wouldn’t even try to resolder the wires in a USB-C cable.

My $200 Lenovo laptop’s USB-C cable has never needed a replacement. I’m on my third barrel jack cable for my $1500 Legion. Granted, the USB-C laptop was designed for “schools” or something so the cable was probably made more rugged than the typical phone charger, but the point is, not all are made alike. If you are rough with your power cables you also have the option of buying a higher quality charger from a different company.

@leetaur when I was talking about the other ports around it, I was also referring to the fact that both the USB-C and barrel jacks will be on the same side. Meaning no matter which cable I choose-- USB-C or barrel jack-- it will come out the left. At my desk, the wall outlet is on the right. Just one example… that’s actually the exact reason why I go through so many barrel jacks for my Legions too, because although the Legion’s barrel jack comes out the back it has to bend at a 90 degree angle to get to the wall. The Librem 14, as is, would have the same problem. The Librem 14 with one power jack on each side, instead of two side-by-side, would not.

I cannot say I know or have reliable answer (for every usage scenario) to your question(s) but perhaps we might have soon some kind of understandable solution (if not offered up to now), on why regular power jack socket is (or perhaps isn’t) important, if we put it in relation to DisplayLink USB Type-C graphics firmware upgrade. Or because I wish/like to learn something from subject matter experts within this thread by putting your question(s) in context (practice) of using Coreboot.

For example, we know that System76 owners of Galago Pro need to make sure that particular Linux laptop is plugged into the AC Adapter for the entire firmware updating process.

@gurk, I’m sorry not providing to you, Linux and Librem user, at least one relevant answer, but I’m not getting one here either (except that this USB-C™ 3.1 Gen 2 upgrade, not even 100% sure / need to guess myself as well, wasn’t expensive).

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Emphasis added.

I think a lot of the misunderstanding in this thread has revolved around the lack of understanding on a few key elements of the original complaint.

I feel the core of my responses here can ALL be summed up in the highlighted element above.

I don’t think there are any remaining technical issues with using USB-PD on the Librem 14, although with the Librem 13 and 15 USB-PD was indeed not available.

At this point though the reason seems to be the cost of moving the USB-PD port around or adding a new one.

No need to apologize! :grin:

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Might be (indeed) and perhaps I wasn’t asking directly, but two of my points (that I would like to learn something about) were:

  • someone will not be able to recharge L14 battery if it ends up with 0% and
  • someone won’t be able to upgrade Coreboot to newer version on L14

by using USB-C PD only (without using 19V barrel jack power charger).

Just my guess (if not question) here why L14 developer Team decided that having barrel jack is nice and necessary feature with L14/Linux combo (as I was not talking about second USB-C PD at all, neither asked for additional opinions on the main subject from @gurk). Until things (two charging ports) are ready to be used I’m sorry if I misinformed anyone by trying to understand why 19V barrel jack is necessary (and not why second USB-C port is missing).

gurk, I like your thread anyway! :joy:

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This was a typo, Librem 15 and Librem 13 have USB-C 3.0 port, not 3.1.

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@mladen, I understood it as typo already (on Charging via USB C port? subject from early 2016 when openly thinking over something wasn’t judged as hard, perhaps). In meanwhile, it is just about USB Type-C® port on Librem 14 and unrelated to any nice to have feature discussed on this respectful forum before. My question is just simple one: Is it about that the USB Type-C® on L14 might be used for everything (without barrel jack power charger)? Would it be possible to know more, up front, about how it supports scalable power and performance to future-proof your solution (as another question)?

Thank You for confirming that L13 and L15 use USB 3.0 ports! As said somewhere here I’m not expert and certainly my questions aren’t either.

not a typo per se, because the USB forum is absolutely out of their mind with their (re)naming.
USB 3.0, USB 3.1 Gen 1, and USB 3.2 Gen 1 are all the exact same thing.

you do not need to use the BJ plug on the L14 at all, you can use USB-C PD to charge/power it at the same rate as the BJ plug would (~20v/3.5A).




Could not agree more. I would love if the Librem 15 will have a USB C power port where the barrel jack is today.

The Librem 15 is discontinued.

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Librem 16* :slight_smile:

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Were the Librem 16 to be developed as a replacement for the Librem 15 in the same way that the Librem 14 is a replacement for the Librem 13 then I think you can “assume” that the power arrangements in the Librem 16 would be the same as or similar to the Librem 14, and hence that the laptop could be powered via USB-C (PD).

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