WI-FI adapter for Pure OS

Hello everyone! I’m Install Pure OS and have one problem , i can use only WIFI, but i don’t have adapter.So , maybe someone know PCI WIFI adapters with OPEN drivers for linux ?Thanks in advance!

Sorry I do not have a really good answer. I once looked for a FOSS Wireless adapter, and wound up looking at Wireless Adapters which were quite old, and bought a Panda Wireless adapter. I still had to install the software drivers to etc// I am not sure where, and it was, given I am not very experienced in Linux CLI, and the one thing which is not well documented is how to copy into a restricted area of Linux. My books says it wants to set a link to the original driver, which I am obviously going to remove. Anyway, the Panda Wireless Adapter grew legs and walked off. So I am scheming on my Social Security Income to buy another Adapter of some kind… So please come back here and give a report on what you bought.

Ubuntu has a section where one can install FOSS drivers only.


and leads to older threads like this:





I read of some wireless adapters which look fine on paper, Linux, FOSS, but other users report they do not work well. Slow. Drop Out. Which might be their situation, location.

I see notes saying RA-Link and Realtek seem to work. Someone recently borrowed my MaxPower Ra-Link adapter, which was only b/g, not N. Maxpower happily was recognized by some Linux Distros, and Windows without driver install. Value of an older model of Wireless Adapter.

I know GitHub has some drivers. https://github.com/search?utf8=✓&q=wireless+adapters%2C+&type=

However, nosing about Ubuntu Forums seems like a good idea. Someone said that Amazon had sections on complaints of what works does not. Newegg does not list the internal chip (in Wireless Adapter) so clearly. Just manufacturer name, and hype.

I felt it likely Pure OS only had drivers for the Wireless chips on their own Librem Laptops. I quite worrying when I realized I could not install the ‘easy to download’ Pure OS without Core Boot. Which brings up the question, what are you installing Pure OS to?

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If in Europe, see https://tehnoetic.com/adapters, they should have what you are after.

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Greetings forum! I am posting my query to this thread - even thought it is two years old - as it addresses specific modifications that can be made for compatibility.

For over a year now, I have wanted to migrate to Pure OS, but I’m pretty sure my hardware, on a Thinkpad L540, won’t support it. I checked H-Node - after finding that the Pure OS Debian link to hardware requirements (via OS Pure’s wiki) was not as complete.

I bookmarked Technoethical’s N150 Mini a year ago (when I last did serious research into this problem), but I don’t know:

  1. If this will be the ‘fix’ I need to make my hardware compatible with free software;
  2. [Unrelated to this thread!] whether sound card/video cards won’t work without non-free blobs - which I would likely not know how to find/install.