Wifi not working at my desk but does work everywhere else

Hello. I just bought Librem 15 with PureOS in it and have discovered that I can’t connect to the Internet at my desk whereas my other laptop and Android tablet have no problem. I tried removing said devices from the room thinking they might be competing or interfering to no avail. Is this a problem with my wifi card? If I walk literally two feet out of the office area where my desk is I have no trouble connecting. In fact, I have no trouble anywhere in the house except for my desk area where I need to sit and work. Any ideas? Any advice would be a help. Thanks.

If you have multi-band wi-fi, try switching from one to the other. Check the straight-line path from the wi-fi router to your desk. Does it pass through some object that wi-fi can’t penetrate, like an aquarium?
Do you have a smart TV in the office? Use a wifi analyzer on your smartphone to see if your TV is beaconing on wi-fi. Turn off wi-fi on the TV. I would also recommend unplugging it from wired ethernet to stop it sending your data back to HQ.

purism 121, thank you. Switching to an alternate wifi seems to have fixed the issue in my office.