Will the next Librem laptops have socketed CPUs?

Considering that one of the Purism’s goals is to give as much power and freedom to the user as possible - shouldn’t Purism consider switching to socketed CPUs for their Librem laptops? This would give more room for hardware tinkering. What do you guys think?

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We have been asking suppliers for this and the answer is pretty always “no”. The main reason is that we do not have the space for a socket in the case design. The bottom case part would have to get significantly thicker for this and this is probably also not what you want.

Options we explore though is (and please really, this is ongoing research, no promise) is probably to offer upgrade mainboards. One of the most expensive parts on the mainboard, besides the PCB itself, is the CPU. so if all connections of the mainboard are plugs and sockets then it can be removed more or less easily and replaced with a new and upgraded one. But also this has limits. Newer designs / CPUs may require different heat management and this mechanical details may need to change in the case too. So, all of this is still research and negotiation with suppliers.

What I can also say is that we try our very best to reduce our ecological footprint - step by step, we are absolutely not there yet, we have balance our still comparably small business with what we can get frmo the market at our size. With growth come more possibilities.