Will we have the choice of the OS at the time of shipping?


I was wondering if the launch of the Librem 5 would be delayed by delays in the development of Pureos Mobile (seeing applications like the PureOs store in landscape only does not reassure me). So I was wondering if Pursim would offer the possibility of receiving the phone with KDe PlasmaMobile since their development is more advanced and thus allow the backer to receive the phone sooner (consider that the phone is ready to ship).


I assume if you want something different than PureOS, you’ll have to do it on your own.
Also, as PostmarketOS still has the “Calls don’t work” line very prominently on their front page, you might not be happy with that either, unless somebody puts some work into it :wink:

My hope would be that one can switch between Gnome & Plasma mobile just as easily as on the desktop. There are actually ARM Plasma packages in the repo, but that seem to be the desktop packages.
So, on day one we’ll proably only have Gnome mobile, but I think we’ll be alright :slight_smile:


I wonder how will affect the KDE plasma vulnerability on Librem5 using Plasma mobile


IT’s already patched https://kubuntu.org/news/fixes-for-recent-kde-desktop-vulnerability/


Does the problem for PostmarketOs is in KDe Plasma Mobile?


Im sure the short answer is no. This is purisms product . While they have bent over backwards to give you a device that you truly own and can install whatever you want on it . They designed their own OS to be optimized to work with the hardware on this phone to give you the best experience possible out of the box.

I couldn’t see them offering experimental OS that while may work will certainly not be tailored to the device itself .

However being the awesome company they are they certainly give YOU the ability to do that if you so chose.


I’ll most likely stick with PureOS for a while and see how I feel about it. When I feel confident that all the hardware works and if I feel that PureOS bloated, I might try installing Arch instead.


Arch? On mobile? Am I missing something?


Arch and Manjaro both have an ARM version of their distros.

After the Librem 5 launch, I am curious to see who will get calls, SMS and browsing working first with Plasma Mobile. Whether its Arch/Manjaro or postmarketOS.


I am feeling relatively confident that Arch will work without much effort, at least the GNOME side of things will. As for interfacing with the modem, sensors, etc… we will see. I know Purism is doing a lot of upstream work, but only the GNOME-based components of that will make their way to Arch on their own.


then i have to pay 300 a year to run arm arch ? so much for FOSS


I’m predicting that Arch/Manjaro will figure it out before postmarketOS, simply because the Arch community is so large and they seem to try everything and document it on their wiki. It will be interesting which communities adopt the Librem 5 as their own.

Currently it appears that the PinePhone is doing better in terms of working with the community projects, but the Librem 5 is a much more interesting phone in terms of the hardware and more interesting for geeks to work on. I wonder which phone will do better with groups like postmarketOS, UBports, Maemo Leste, etc. once they both are available for sale.

I’m surprised that the people over at XDA-developers and the independent AOSP ROMs like LineageOS and Replicant don’t seem to be interested in the Librem 5. Usually XDA-developers start a new thread on their forum for new phone models the moment they have either code or a phone to work on, but I can’t find one for the Librem 5. Considering that the Librem 5 code is already available and there are 300 Dev Kits in the wild, I would have expected someone to have started working on an AOSP port.


I saw the Librem 5 mentioned in the Replicant chat room in Matrix, so at least it’s on someone’s radar.