XMPP clients L5

Jingle probably supports voice and video calls, but modern clients like conversations or Dino uses webrtc for calls now.

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I had no idea. Thanks for clarifying.

For about two weeks I’ve intensively been using Gajim on my Librem 5 (and alternating on a Debian desktop as well). I tried Chatty just before, but could not get reliable Omemo encrypted messages to work with Conversations and Gajim on the other side. Gajim works quite well (for messaging), except for two issues: I need the on-screen keyboard to open up a conversation (with ‘enter’), and I can only open links to pictures with an actual mouse attached.

To me it seems quite unfortunate Chatty in August 2022 does not support Omemo properly despite the opposite having been promised back in August 2018, in the Librem 5 progress report: “Chatty is going to support XMPP with OMEMO encryption as well as SMS on day one” (Let’s get Chatty!)


Is there no way we can get a compiled version of Dino adaptive?

Nevermind, got the answer.

Actually can someone assist me getting the adaptive version of Dino working on the L5? I am not having any luck.

Run the command:

cat <<EOF >/etc/apt/sources.list.d/octarine.list
deb https://repo.pureos.net/pureos octarine main

then do:

sudo apt update

and then run the command:

sudo apt install dino-im/octarine dino-im-common/octarine

Two things about the octarine repository:

1 - It has a lower pin priority than landing and byzantium, meaning that packages from octarine need to be explicitly selected to be installed hence the extra /octarine in the package name when installing. It also means that if you add the repo octarine to your sources your system will not be “flooded” with packages from octarine in an update.

2 - A word of caution, the octarine repository serves as a “playground” for developers to work on packages before releasing them to landing. It is akin to Debian Experimental.

The Dino package is working, BUT if you go around explicitly installing other packages from octarine, expect breakages.

(and bug reports on those breakages are welcome :wink: )


Thanks. There is a small typo in your response and Private_Praveen’s. Basically it is dino-im-common, and not dino-in-common.



:man_facepalming: oops, sorry for that.

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I just built dino from master branch (gtk 4 version with muc mam/group history support) and tow patches https://github.com/dino/dino/pull/1276 (makes it adaptive with libadwaita) and https://github.com/dino/dino/pull/1309 (fixes key sharing/encryption in groups with people not in contacts). Though I had to move up to mobian (bookworm) as gtk 4 version in byzantium is older than what dino expects. If anyone is interested to try, I can share the debs.


Yes please, please share!!!

I have uploaded the debs in my personal repo. You can use https://people.debian.org/~praveen/dino/dino-bookworm-arm64.sources (you’ll need mobian/bookworm).


@dos any ETA for newer GTK version for PureOS??. :worried: i need Dino top version…


Which GTK4 version Dino requires?


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I would really like to use the latest version of Dino to make voice calls. I support this request.


I’m using the flatpak version from https://github.com/flathub/im.dino.Dino/pull/5 and 0.4 version of dino is available there. And this version fixes omemo encryption key sharing permissions and includes official support for libadwaita. muc mam, reply and reactions/emoji too.


Thanks for the update. Can you make calls with it and does it make your phone ring?

Thanks! I was able to install the bump 0.4.1 version but can’t seem to get the thing running. Was there some trick to that? Also shouldn’t application populate into the phosh application launcher?

There is also another way to run dino 0.4 on byzantium https://mov.im/?blog/debacle%40movim.eu/de5caf65-112e-4c75-b6ae-a3cdbac92ce1# and @joao.azevedo confirmed this on librem 5 matrix group.

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@dos any e.t.a for gtk4.8 for Dino?? please please.

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