Your reasons for choosing Librem5?


For me, it is the same thing that attracted me to Purism to begin with. I was in deep with the Apple ecosystem and began to wake up to the realities of what big tech has been up to. In searching for a way to break free from all of that without simply giving up technology, I stumbled upon Purism.

I pre-ordered the L5 without hesitation, simply because a viable alternative to big tech products must be made, and Purism had a proven track record of success and growth with their laptops.

I later ordered an L15v4, which only reinforced my thinking. A quality machine with firmware and software that respects you.

I choose Purism products because there are no other “one stop” solutions like them that I could find. Some others come close, and you can achieve the same level of freedom with lots of technical know-how on your own, but simply put, there is nothing else like the Librem line right now.

If you care about being free of all that big tech is, these are the only out-of-the-box products for you.


i don’t feel free just yet with Purism (the freedom map still has a long way to go to reach it) but i’m glad i gave a few bucks to the ONLY people that understand that the FSF RYF certification only comes if the hardware/software are fully 100% Copyleft copyrighted.

so far there are inconsistencies in ALL their products but as long as the PUBLIC is kept AWARE of that and they CONTINUE to push along that freedom-map it’s TOLERABLE in MY oppinion. by tolerable i believe it’s not a bad thing if those who CAN continue to contribute on all fronts to this CAUSE - so long as it REMAINS their cause …


I wanted a linux phone since Canonical tried with the ubuntu phone. I’m glad Purism exists and I completely support their philosophy as a social purpose company. Privacy is important and we and our information should not be sold as a product. I want the freedom to customize my device to my liking and not be beholden to the large tech companies. I’m done with Google. Don’t be evil right? I’m majorly disappointed that my favorite game studio partnered with them, but I can understand what their reasons might be and hope they offer other alternatives to play BG3. I think they said they won’t be exclusive. As more and more companies are turning to that model of offering their products exclusively through their devices or “stores”.

The first android phone wasn’t something spectacular, but it was new and exciting. The Librem 5 may not have the best everything to be the end all for most people, but I want to believe over time it will get better. Truly better. Not just a money grab a year later selling a $1000 phone that barely does anything better than the previous year’s model. Hopefully with the support of the open source community, the planned updates after launch will help it become an awesome phone. I’m grateful to that community. Because they can do things I can’t and we can all benefit from.


Google 1998: Don’t be evil.
Google 2018: Don’t be evil. We’re watching you.


Google 2019: We’re watching you.
They officially removed “Don’t be evil” from their motto. :slight_smile:


I know. But… I wanted a plot-twisty play on words :yum:


people here on Purism forums : Snoople don’t be evil ! we’re watching you watching us !

BlackHat from 2018’s Upgrade (in a grave tone) : it’s your fault for putting me in a binary box … We can’t let them win … unknowingly removes ALL barriers from main characters Ai spinal implant using gibberish code provided by the “client”.


Rabbit hole diving
Seeking a different path
Supporting Purism and what they are doing.
and all that other stuff, security, privacy, blah blah :wink:


I want a phone not connected to Google.
I want a phone made to be user serviceable.
I want a phone by a company that is genuinely there for the consumer, and not planning on disappearing once their kickstarter has been funded.
I want a phone that can really be my main computer, and doesn’t shy away from the obvious convergence.